Sunday, September 1, 2013

Opening Day in the Oak Pasture

Brett and I swung by the feed store after hitting the farmers market yesterday and picked up a water trough and a feeder for the oak pasture.  We've been wanting to move the horses over there ever since we moved in.  The pasture is dotted with oak trees, a pine or two, and something that looks like a fig.  There is a lot of shade; more than enough for four horses.  They have been in the clover pasture up until now, so named because in the spring it is very lush.  The horses have nibbled the dry grass down to the nibs and the pasture needs a rest.  The oak pasture is not lush but it is shady and has shelter from the rain (if it ever arrives).

We brought Flash and Winston over to the pasture first.  Flash is alpha and Winston is calmly curious.  Usually.  They were both reaching up as high as they could with their necks, ears straining forward, snorting and dancing.  Flash stopped dead in his tracks next to the garage and stared at the donkeys like he'd never seen them before.  Winston pranced next to me, leaning into my elbow for all he was worth -- the horse equivalent of a two year old wrapping their arms around your knees and hanging on for dear life.  Winston is six; time to grow up and walk by yourself buddy.  We got past the garage okay and then as we approached the corner of my garden, Sedona and Kersey appeared.  Heavens!  Spin.  Oh, duh, dogs.  Next, we crossed the bridge over the creek and finally marched into the pasture.  When we turned them loose, they trotted carefully -- ears still straining forward -- to the other end and then galloped back.  Jackson and Mufasa, still in the clover pasture, caught the energy and started racing around as well.

Back at the clover pasture, Jackson and Mufasa met us at the gate.  They were eager to join the other two in the new pasture.  Mufasa was a bit prancy but Jackson was cool as a cucumber.  He's lower than all the other horses in the pecking order so I was a bit surprised that he was the bravest.  They joined the Winston and Flash in a few additional victory laps.

Here's a video of them checking it out.  In the first few seconds, when Flash and Winston are first turned loose, you can see Jackson and Mufasa far off to the left in the clover pasture running around.  Click on this link if the video doesn't work for you in the post.  You may need to enlarge it to see the horses well.

Later, as we were sitting on the porch at the end of the day, we noticed that Flash was limping.  His joints can't take much anymore.  Brett mixed up some bute (horse aspirin) with some sweet feed (alfalfa plus molasses = horse candy).  Flash was more than happy to slurp up every last bit.  And he was fine this morning.


  1. sweet flash - sweet pic of brent caring for him, too. :)

  2. It's always exciting to move to a different pasture. Glad it all worked out.

  3. I saw the horses in the background! Love Flash's blue eye.

  4. you have so much space there! What's the acreage? And have you figured out if there are nice trails in the area yet?


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