Wednesday, September 4, 2013


How do you spend your afternoons?

Of course, they are napping in herd order:
Flash, Winston, Mufasa and Jackson

We are concerned about Flash.  
He has been standing, more and more often, with his front or hind legs camped out.  
You know, the laminitis stance.
It's not a good development.
We're hoping it resolves with bute
and doesn't advance.
His riding days are definitely over.
Flash is 17.
Some days he walks like he is 30.
Brett said this morning he was racing around
like he was six.
That isn't helpful behavior.
Did you hear me Flash?
No more ricky-racing around.
Yeah, yeah, I know;
You are like Brett,
You march to your own drummer.
But if you keep this up,
you are going to break Brett's heart.
Be good,
for him.


  1. I don't know if this is an issue where you are, but around here I have seen a number of horses behave the way Flash does and they all test positive for Lyme disease. They generally improve dramatically with antibiotic treatment. Just a thought, I hope he feels better soon.

  2. Oh I hope Flash is alright. I love your photos. Hug B

  3. He is your horse so you know best as I can't see him, but I wouldn't just say his riding days are over. Most horses do worse when that is ended. I've seen hundreds of horses be ridden until their last days and be fantastic, then I've seen some that were retired to early and die from that. If it's lamnitis or lime disease, it may be able to be helped. My horse, 11, was doing the same thing and he almost foundered. A little bit of stall rest so he didn't get the rich grass helped that, also a switch of feed. Just thought I'd throw it out there.

  4. love your line-up. good luck w/ flash.

  5. It is distressing to watch horses exhibiting behaviors that could likely hurt themselves more, but honestly I think we people do the same things a lot of the time. When Flash feels like running, hopefully he knows best. As for the end of his riding career, it's very hard to make a sound determination without knowing all the details. I just hope you have a very qualified vet who can help you with the diagnosis and treatment. There are really some wonderful advances for laminitis these days. I've no experience with Lyme disease, but maybe worth looking into? Love, love, love that picture of all the herd peaceful!!

  6. oh poor flash! have you tried previcox?

  7. Lots of helpful opinions from commenters. I would hope you and Brett know Flash enough to read what he needs and doesn't need. Love that first photo


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