Monday, September 16, 2013

Hanging Out in the Barn

Our neighbor, Cindy, got us an appointment with her farrier today.  He's very good but he wasn't taking on any new clients.  She begged and pleaded on our behalf and he agreed to give us a try.  Brett vacuumed out the last bits of debris in the stalls and brought the horses in so they would be ready for their trims.  Brett wanted to have the horses settled in the barn when the farrier, Greg, arrived.  While the horses checked out their new digs, Brett put up their name plates and hung their halters.

Jackson couldn't believe his luck.  A stall!  Of his own!  At Aspen Meadows, he was out in the paddock and he missed being in the barn with the others.  It was better for his feet to be in the paddock so when Mufasa arrived we gave away his stall.  Sorry Jackson.  Are you happy now?

Greg said that Jackson's hooves are nice and hard.  He said that it was a real shame that Jackson is insulin resistant, at such a young age, and that he's an exceptionally sweet horse. (I knew that).  Jackson has been doing great since we moved into Oak Creek Ranch and I'm hoping that he does well over the winter.  His weight is perfect and he's trotting around with no pain.  Keep it up Jackson.

Flash was non-plussed by the whole affair.  Ho-hum, he's seen it all.  A new stall and a new farrier aren't worth getting excited about.  His trim was uneventful.  The thing that does get his attention is the flash on the camera.  He hates it. Can you tell?

Winston thought his stall was the rumpus room.  He tried to get his halter off the hook, he played in his automatic waterer and he chewed on the wood..  His feet are strong and healthy.  No surprise.  He was a little nervous about Greg handling his hind feet but he'll get over that.  He's always nervous around new vets, farriers, and dentists.

Greg's favorite horse was Mufasa.  He loved Mufasa's large soft eyes, his kindness and his calmness.  Not to mention what a beautiful boy he is.  Greg pulled his hind shoes and we'll see how he does over the winter.  He'll always have to have shoes on the front because of the quarter crack on his front hoof.
 Brett and Greg hit it off big time.  No surprise there.  Brett always gets along well with our farriers.  Greg said he would be happy to continue working with our horses and Brett has a new friend.  He's collecting them faster than I can keep track.  It's great -- we're getting dinner and pot luck invitations, neighbors feed carrots to our horses, and Marv toots his horn when ever he drives by.

Passage supervised from her perch above the tack room.


  1. You're slowly ticking off the necessities. Good Farrier - TICK

    Nice to see all your animals have settled so well, too

  2. Oh Annette this was worth all the frustration that you went through to get here. HOME at last:) Hug B

  3. OH MY GOSH... your barn is the most beautiful, those horses are so blessed!

  4. Annette, sorry got caught up in barn envy... thanks for your comments about our little goat Kody. I wish someone had warned me when we started out, but none of my friends had been through it... yes, learning the hard way is not fun, but now we KNOW!

  5. You couldn't find a happier looking cat.


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