Monday, September 23, 2013

Tempered Happiness

Wednesday, a FedEx semi pulled in the driveway of Oak Creek Ranch and left some big boxes on a couple of pallets.

I downloaded directions for assembly and Brett got to work on it while I was at work on Thursday.  I asked him to take some pictures as he went along.

He even took a self portrait:

 When I got home from work, he had two corners and the long side done.  I helped him carry out the rest of the rails and pylons.  Then we fought with the corners.  The instructions made it seem so simple: measure 3 feet down one rail, four feet down the other, and five feet across between them.  Voila! You have a square corner.

...except that the last two corners didn't line up.  Frustrated and tired, we quit for the night.  The donkeys and horses were watching intently.  Of course, that could have been about dinner being late too.

The next day Brett made some minor adjustments and everything lined up.

It was really sweet of Brett to put the dressage court together for me.  Especially since what he really wanted was a garage for his car and the truck.  And, while I am very excited to have a real life competition size dressage court... I am also feeling more than a bit guilty about this purchase.


  1. oh my - do NOT FEEL GUILTY - thats wonderful! Im going to bring my little mustang right over ;P I am envious!!!!

  2. Not jealous, no!


  3. It looks great! We put one on our property too and it was a nightmare to get the whole thing squared up and straight. Of course, since it's on a flat spot on a grassy hill in one of the pastures the herd uses it for a playpen and occasionally knock the pieces down. It's always fun to reset it. Enjoy your new arena.

  4. Love that Brett keeps his sense of humor even when working so hard. I am anxious to see you use this.

  5. do not feel guilty! you will love schooling in the full size ring.


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