Sunday, July 14, 2013

Things Always Look Better in the Morning

Last Friday night, after hearing that the underwriter and appraiser couldn't reach agreement on the value of Oak Creek, I drove out to feed the horses in a fog.  Brett was down in LA to make the last trailer run -- picking up his tractor -- so I was alone in the apartment.  I had a few glasses of wine, a handful of pretzels, and then took my sorry body to bed.

Saturday morning, I drove out early to feed.  The sun was up but not yet hot.  I topped off the water troughs, threw hay into the donkey pasture for all of them, and then spent a couple hours picking up manure.

The phone company guy showed up to turn on our phone service.  We can't get in the house, but there is a phone in the barn.  I called Brett, as he and his friend Marty drove up, and it worked.  Hot dog!  Cell service is hit and miss at the property so having a reliable phone is a good news.

I worked on taking the hot wire off of the goat area.  There is hot wire everywhere.  Everywhere.  We are not into hot wire so we are gradually taking it down.  So far, Brett has taken it off of the donkey pasture and I've taken it off of the goat area and part of the clover pasture.

After eating my tomato and cucumber sandwich and downing another bottle of water, I decided to put the horses in the clover pasture.  The horses and donkeys have eaten most of the weeds in the donkey pasture.  The clover pasture is about twice the size of the donkey pasture and gets some afternoon shade.

The pasture is bordered on one side by the driveway (above) and on another by the road.  I knew Brett would see the horses when he drove in around 5:00.

When Brett and Marty turned up the driveway, we were all there to meet them.  The horses ambled over to the fence and I ambled down the driveway.  Brett's eyes looked suspiciously misty.

Tomorrow, we will do what needs to be done.  We may need a new lender and this process may take a lot longer than we expected.  We are going to approach the owner about renting until escrow closes.  He's been very generous with giving us access.  It seems only fair that we pay him for using the property since its going to take more than a day or two to close.  It would also be nice to have access to the house (and the toilet).


  1. fingers crossed the owner will go for it due to the delay. and i sure wish your lender, underwriter, appraiser would get their acts together!

  2. Good Luck, and I hope that things will straighten out....

  3. it will work out, ive got a gut feeling. Sounds like they need your agent to ask of them - "what will it take everyone to get this done?- hopefully not the Mickelsons family lawyer!"... As Mike would tell me, if it just involves money, then its not a problem, its an inconvenience. But in my world, and maybe yours, it might be a "tequila" needed and not by the wineglassful 'inconvenience"...;)

    were rooting for you two!!

    your new place looks like a wonderland for horses ;)

  4. Fortunately you have the cooperation of the people you are buying the house from. It will happen. I sure hope that is Brett's last trip. Before you know it he will be mowing with that tractor.

  5. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. That said, cant be very easy being at the mercy of banks etc.

  6. I bet the seller will oblige you and be understanding. The process is so very impersonal, that it is nice when the buyers and the sellers can actually communicate. I am really loving the fencing there. I also love the part about Brett's misty eyes.

  7. Oh I think the owner is as frustrated as you both are. That is awful and I am sure the animals are happy and you should be too. A toilet would make me happy:) It will happen....Hug B

  8. There always seems to be some sort of glitch when a lot of people are involved. It sounds like the former owners are reasonable people and you should have no problem with them. Access to a toilet is always a plus.

    The ranch looks so beautiful and the animals so happy.


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