Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More Questions and a Small Explosion

The clock in the apartment says it is 8:15pm. The temperature outside is still 102F. One more day of this heat and then we should be back to normal. Of course, I have no idea what normal is -- cooler, no doubt, but by how much I'm not sure.

Tomorrow morning, early, I am going to head out to Oak Creek Ranch and clean up the pasture before it gets hot. There is a parade just before noon so, unless its melting asphalt hot, I plan to go watch. At lunch today, I went to Target and bought a chair so I can sit at the end of our lane and watch it go by. I also picked up some nail polish: red, blue and sparkles. I thought I'd paint myself with patriotic nails.

When I left my office and walked to my car at 5:00, it was 115F. The nail polish sitting on my front seat had exploded. Fortunately, the colorful splatters and puddles were contained in the shopping bag. For the most part, anyway. The car reeked of nail polish. I rolled the windows down and drove through the furnace to the apartment. I should have known better. Many years ago, a paint can exploded in the back of my dad's car and I remember standing with him in the garage while he tried to clean the splatters off the windows.

The second part of the Liebster award requires you to answer some questions. I've seen a variety of questions on a variety of blogs so I'm going to pick the ones I like.

1. If you are female, do you wear make up to the barn?
Hahahaha. You have got to be kidding. I wear make-up to work, to weddings, and on a big deal date with Brett. Otherwise, forget it. Sunscreen, yes. Make-up, no.

2. Do you have barn clothes?
Absolutely. If I am going to ride, it's breeches and a teeshirt or a sweatshirt. If I'm doing barn chores, I swap out the breeches for old, stained jeans. I like boot cut Levi's so they comfortably go over my boots. In the winter I wear muck boots (like heavy duty rain boots) and in the summer I wear tennis shoes or cowboy boots. Tomorrow when I go out to Oak Creek I will be wearing cowboy boots. They offer good protection from foxtails and snakes.

I'll take some pictures for you tomorrow. All I have is my iPhone up here but you are all over due for photos. I'll do my best.

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  1. Visions of you high on nail-polish fumes as you drove along....

  2. I would not have though of nail polish exploding in those tiny bottles. Yikes. Glad it stayed in the bag.

    I love parades. I hope you find a shady spot to watch yours. Happy 4th.

  3. that heat sounds AWFUl! stay safe.

  4. Very intriguing title Annette... ;D

    Glad the explosion was contained. Enjoy the 4th - hope the heat breaks soon!!


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