Friday, July 12, 2013

Crash and Smolder

I don't burn hot. I smolder and smoke, throwing up an occasional piece of ash. As a teenager, I had quite a bit of fire but over the years I've learned to tamp it down. Right now, I feel like cold ashes in the fire pit. All week I've kept a steady burn, pushing the lender to make a decision so we could close escrow.

This morning, Mr. Bill (the lender) called me and said that he was still having trouble with the appraiser and underwriter. The underwriter questioned the appraisal; specifically the value of the barn and the lack of local comparisons. The appraiser was offended and defensive. A battle of egos evolved with neither one willing to give ground. Mr. Bill scheduled a conference call with the two of them in another attempt to resolve the issue.

As I was driving out to the property after work to feed, he called with an update. The call did not go well. The egos refused to give. The details are pretty silly. We've lost a week and a half trying to negotiate a path to reasonable. It looks like we will be getting a new lender Monday. Some of the file can be transferred but much of the process, including getting another appraisal, will be repeated.

On a brighter note, thanks to my followers who helped me identify the mystery flowering shrub. It goes by two common names, depending on where you call home: St. John's Wort or Rose of Sharon. I'm partial to the second name. I'd rather picture a smiling Sharon with a cheerful yellow flower in her hair than a stern St. John with a wart on his nose.

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  1. Oh no. Bloody jobsworths.
    Chin up, you'll get there.

  2. That is beyond aggravating. Thinking good thoughts for a quick resolution.

  3. are you kidding me? I'd be pitching a fit. How can these guys call themselves professional?? it's insane.

    I bet if they weren't paid until they reached an agreement it would get sorted pretty quickly.


    Can you tell I'm the crash and bang type??? :)

  4. One of the blogs I follow just had a couple of horses with bad allergic reactions to St John's Wort. I have no personal knowledge but she posted pictures of her horse with hives and blisters. If you want to check my bloglist under Skyfaxa. only a couple of posts ago.

  5. Oddly enough our bank claimed something similar was going on delaying our closing. Turned out the bank was the one bungling all along and just trying to cover up their mess up with pointing fingers. Once they realized we were aware of what was happening we got to close right away.


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