Sunday, July 28, 2013

Living the Good Life

While Brett and I are hanging in limbo waiting for resolution on the purchase of Oak Creek Ranch, the horses are living the good life.

Even Jackson.  I wasn't sure if Jackson would survive the trip up here.  His health is fragile; he suffers from insulin resistance which has caused laminitis and he is prone to ulcers.  Our farrier didn't think his feet could handle the eleven hour trailer ride from Aspen Meadows to Oak Creek.  He doesn't like being away from home so I was afraid his ulcers would flare up.  Even in his safe and comfortable herd life at Aspen Meadows, he was on medication for the IR and his manure was always a bit sloppy.  His hind legs and tail were consistently gross.

Before leaving Aspen Meadows, Brett dosed him for a few days with GastroGuard for the ulcers.  He bedded the trailer extra deep with shavings and gave Jackson a few grams of bute (horse aspirin) before loading him up.

He unloaded from the trailer sound and has stayed that way ever since his arrival.  He is thriving on a diet of hay and dry grass.  He is refusing his meds but he doesn't seem to need them.  His poop has never looked so good.  And his hind legs?  Spotless!

Horses' digestive systems are not designed for three square meals.  They are designed to process little bits of food all day long.  Even though the grass is not nutritious at all, it is keeping something in his gut all day long.

This last photo is for Lori and Moon.  We saw this mini being driven through downtown Placerville yesterday.


  1. So happy for Jackson. Seems Oak Creek Ranch is really a good move for him. I've still got fingers crossed for you and Brett that everything comes together quickly with the purchase. Love the picture of the mini and cart.

  2. Wonderful news about Jackson!

  3. I'm so glad you posted this as I have been thinking about the horses and donkeys and wondering how they were doing. I'm glad Jackson is thriving in his new environment.

  4. So good to hear about an elderly horse doing well. We have been there.

    I hope your news about the house is good.

  5. I am following your story about the move and I can't believe how frustrating this is. I don't know if it helps but I am frustrated on your behalf!!

    I am thrilled to hear about Jackson!

  6. Way to go Jackson!!!! Good news. Thanks for that last shot. Makes Moon look like a draft horse.

  7. i'm just hoping jackson knows this is your new home (and it soon will be!) i'm glad his health is so good.


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