Saturday, July 6, 2013

Goats and Donkeys, Oh My!

As you are reading this, we are driving up from Aspen Meadows to Oak Creek Ranch with the first load of critters.  Brett is pulling the horse trailer with the donkeys in the front half and the goats in the back.  We parked the trailer in the pasture last night with the donkeys and I scattered hay inside.  Hopefully, that made loading in the morning easier.  I'll let you know how it went.  Behind Brett, I'll be driving the Subaru.  In the back are the dogs, Kersey and Sedona.  On the front seat in her cozy cat carrier is Passage.  On the floor, Sage and Basil in their rabbit carriers.

Thursday, I checked the goat area to make sure the fence was secure.  The goats are going to have plenty of shrubby growth to nibble on.

The goats have a way cool shelter.  We will be putting dog house igloos inside so they have a cozy place to sleep, but isn't this a great set up for them?

The donkeys will go into their own large pasture.  In the winter and spring a creek runs through it and there is a pond.  I've heard that the pond is popular with geese.  The horses will go in the same pasture until the fences in their pasture have been mended.

We're on our way!


  1. sure hope transport #1 goes well!

  2. Love the goatie shelter! Hope you are there by now and all is well! Yay!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow! How exciting!

    Congrats on your new place, Annette. :)

  4. The goat pen looks great, your little guys will be lost in it.
    I'm hoping you all got there safely!

  5. I'm catching up on my blog! What a lot of work and changes you are going through - very inspirational. The photo on your header of your new house is just...wonderful. It just hollers "HOME". It may be strange to say, as I am a stranger in Canada, but I'm very happy for you guys - it is so refreshing to see good things happen to good people, and read about hard work, good food, loving relationships, and love for animals. Thank you for sharing your life with the world! :o)

  6. Gorgeous!!! I love the porch on your header shot...

    and a palace for goats for sure!


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