Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Random Answers

A few weeks ago, one of my blogging buddies awarded me the Liebster award. I was truly honored and I promised to answer the questions but I haven't yet. The award came from Calm, Forward and Straight. If you don't read her blog, check it out. I can't link to it from iPad but she is on my sidebar. When I think I have it hard with limited access to a trainer, I think of her training Val on their remote island with NO access to a trainer. She is one amazing woman.

The first part of the award is to give eleven random facts about yourself. These are facts related to my experience of our move from Southern California to Northern California.

1. In SoCal, the hottest part of the day is noon. At 4:00 a breeze picks up and the world is a comfortable place.

2. In the Sacramento area, the heat builds all day long. The hottest part of the day is the evening. At 10 pm, it is still 90F. I love it here, but that part is just wrong.

3. Well water is amazing on a hot day. (see previous post)

4. Brett is a mowing fiend. He went out to the property to check the pasture for star thistle (toxic to horses, we've seen it around the barn) this morning. Instead, he got on his mower and did the front lawn and driveway. He didn't set foot in the pasture. Boys and their toys!

5. So far this week, Brett has driven up and down the State of California twice. It's nine hours each way. I was with him for the last leg up. He will make two or three more round trips before we finish next week.

6. What's left to move - first trip: Flash, Jackson, Winston and Mufasa (horses) in the trailer. The dogs (Sedona and Kersey), the cat (Passage) and the bunnies (Sage & Basil) in the car with me.

7. What's left to move - second trip: Tuffy & Finessa (donkeys); Bear, Thistle, Whiskey & Cowboy (goats)

8. What's left to move - third trip: tractor and harrow (for dragging the arena).

9. Brett used to think it would be fun to be a trucker. I don't think he feels the same way anymore.

10. I have the best husband ever. He's managing the animals, the movers, the inspections and the renovation. And he still finds the energy to worry about me being safe in my apartment at night.

11. Last weekend when I flew home, I forgot my cell phone in my apartment. I realized it when I was on the shuttle bus from the economy parking lot at the airport to the terminal. I couldn't find a working pay phone. I don't think they exist anymore. I couldn't text him that I was at the gate, that the plane was slightly delayed, that I was boarding, landing, at the gate, on my way to the curb to meet him. I stood at the curb for fifteen minutes, watching cars go by, cars stopping, people embracing, loading luggage and driving off. I didn't see Brett. My heart started racing and tears pricked at my eyes. I am a self-confident, poised, 50-something woman and I stood at the curb and barely held it together. Brett and the Subaru arrived. I rushed at the car, flung myself inside, closed the door, looked at Brett and burst into tears. There isn't much that surprises Brett about me anymore but I think that did.

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  1. Thanks for the scoop. I'm tired reading about it. I just lost my cell phone..ha ha. I'm sure this is a very emotional time for both of you. Sorry I'm not there to help...I too love to mow!

  2. It wont be long before the move is all over, and you`ll wonder what all the fuss was about. But in the mean time, moving is one of the most stress full times ever. Little errors become overblown. But thats life. I couldnt do it anymore, done enough of that. But take care and good luck.
    That Brett guy, sounds like a keeper!!

  3. i hope all of this is over soon and you can 'settle!' :)

  4. I've so missed being able to comment but be sure I am following all of your adventures. You and Brett are amazing people and who knows now that you live not far from my brother I might someday get to meet you! Give all the critters hugs from me....a stressful time for all!


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