Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hail, Hail, The Gangs All Here

Tuesday Brett hauled the horses up from Aspen Meadows.  I had an appointment with the surgeon to discuss my gallbladder (surgery in August) and then headed out to Oak Creek to help Brett unload the horses.  He didn't really need my help, but I didn't want to miss the happy herd reunion.  The horses loaded up easily for him and he was on the road before 5am.

While I was waiting, I heard from our realtor that Sedona and Kersey had barked all night long and the neighbors complained.  We weren't really surprised.  The dogs are used to sleeping in our room at night and when they are outside, in a strange place, they bark.  I called the local vet clinic and got the name of a kennel.  The dogs can't stay with us in the apartment and they can't keep disturbing the neighbors.  The kennel required proof of up-to-date vaccinations, rabies and kennel cough.  The records for the dogs are packed and gone with the moving truck.  They were due for shots so I went ahead and made an appointment for later that afternoon.

After making reservations at the boarding school for dogs, I opened my Kindle.  Before I finished the chapter, I heard a truck pull up the driveway.

Brett pulled in front of the barn.  The horses all had their noses to the grill, taking in the ranch.  They were loaded in herd order: Flash, Winston, Mufasa and Jackson.

We thought they might misbehave when they were unloaded.  Eleven hours is a long time to be in a trailer.  Jackson came off first.  He walked off calmly and then dropped his head to sample the dry grass.  As I lead him to the pasture, Tuffy charged the fence with his big ears happy and excited.  Jackson startled and then smiled.  I put him in the pasture and he got to work on that grass.

Mufasa was a bit high headed when he came off the trailer next.  But, he's the newest member of the herd and he's been moved around a lot in the last few years.  He probably wondered if he'd been sold yet again.  Winston and Flash walked calmly to the pasture.  They headed out to the shade of the big oak tree.

Flash decided that they all needed to do a victory lap.  Or two.  Look at Jackson (the grey) getting into the action despite his laminitis.  He traveled really well.  I am so relieved.

We left the horses to settle while we took the dogs to the vet and then to the kennel.  They have a big area to share and, since they have good social skills, will spend the day playing with the rest of the dogs in a big play area.  Back at the ranch, Brett got the horses hay and I topped off everyone's water.  The goats have created a nice area in one corner of their area.  Slowly they are eating all the weeds.  It already looks much better in their area - this corner especially.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us on completing the purchase of the house.  We have hit a snafu -- the lender is convinced that the property is commercial, not residential, because there was a riding school there at one time and because the barn is so nice.  We are having a heck of a time convincing them that we are not going to run a business and that the property is in a rural residential area.  This bank only underwrites residential loans, in cookie cutter suburbs, and doesn't understand rural at all.  Had we known that, we wouldn't have gone with them but its too late now.  So we are hoping that they don't say "no" - forcing us to start the process all over again. We were supposed to close Tuesday.  Didn't happen.


  1. well, everything sounded great until your last paragraph. i am truly hoping they don't crap out on your deal! send a rep out to look at the damn property and see for themselves!

    (but, yes, i know how that goes with house and acreage - normal 'mortgage' companies don't know how / can't handle it) - one of the reasons we were able to buy run*a*round - so many other folks couldn't arrange financing without a land mortgage.

  2. oh dear!! I hope it goes well with the lender. What a PTIA.

    I loved the galloping video. I'm starting to think that a donkey is just what I need!

    So do I understand that you are not living in the house? is that why the dogs are are upset?

  3. Keeping fingers crossed for you Annette!

  4. Oh my gosh - I LOVE your new house!!! Looks amazingly close to my dream home with that wrap around porch...swoon. :) Your horses all look so happy and healthy too.
    What a drag about the lender! Things have changed so much, financing is a major pain these days! Will keep you in my prayers for no more delays and a completion soon. There just is no rushing the machine I'm afraid. So frustrating! But, it will work out. I know it will. Love, love, love your new place!! :)

  5. Hey you two! I was just going to send Brett an email to see if he is alive and well. You answered all my questions in this post. The "gang" is going to be thrilled to have a pasture or 8. Too bad about the dogs.
    When you close, can you at least stay in part of the house while work is being done? Hope all goes well with the bank. Breath.

  6. Oh that is so frustrating dealing with banks etc I remember that. I am so glad all are home and that oak tree sure is popular it is going to work out. Yeah everyone is happy well except for the humans but that will change soon I am sure. Take care and good luck. B

  7. Don't county maps have designated land use printed on them? I hope the problems melt away. The donkeys are a riot!

  8. I was reading this post thinking "yay, everything's going so well!" and then I got to the last paragraph. Argh, bloody bankers! I hope you can convince them of the truth of your situation. Fingers & toes crossed for you.

  9. Good luck with the bank! Pleased you got there! Horses look great, love the donkey leading the run around!!!

  10. I can't believe how calm you seem to be writing this post. Keep taking it in stride - like the horses - and all will be fine in the end. Banks can be horrendous to work with but in the end they usually come around.
    Loved the video! Love how the donkeys fit right in - but have to run a little faster : )

  11. Real estate deals can be so nerve wracking! How great though that all your critters have arrived safely. And your new place looks lovely.

  12. I forgot, we had problems too and had to get one mortgage for 60 acres and another for the house and 20 acres. It had nothing to do with commercial, just how much one bank was willing to lend for raw land. I hope you will get this resolved, moving is stressful enough.

  13. I am amazed by your calm and grace as well. I recently read a Facebook post by a gal who just moved into a new rental with her dogs, the neighbors immediately complained about the barking, so her landlord is making her get rid of at least the puppy or move out. Barking dogs are a nuisance -- I know from having been on both sides of the same issue -- but one would hope people would cut you some slack since you're in the middle of moving and just need some time to sort out a routine and get settled. Being in escrow is like walking a tight rope. I hope it is resolved soon.

  14. We'll be sending closing vibes to you. Took us three dates to close on our place, took my son 4!! It'll happen they just like you to turn totally grey in the process


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