Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Almost Out of the Woods

Yesterday, we were very close to walking away from this house.  Brett had even set up time to go look at another property we thought had potential.  This morning, the seller agreed to meet us half way and to fix the plumbing in the barn (there is no water there now).  Now we just have to get the loan done.  This little house (seen from the barn) has been a heck of a journey.  -- and it isn't over yet.

The rest of the process should be a slam-dunk.  Should.  Don't uncross your fingers yet.  With any luck, the house will be in our hot little hands next week.

Winston is bored out of his mind.  He wants to be worked.  He follows me around the pasture trying to dump the muck cart when my back is turned.

Brett fills the water trough; Winston dumps it.  Brett gets hay to feed; Winston dumps the feeder.

Last weekend I hand walked him around the dressage court.  His energy came up and he marched along in a happy way.  I'm dying to ride him and he's dying to be ridden.

One of these days, Winston.  One of these days, real soon.


  1. fingers staying crossed until you're in the house!

  2. Things are lookin' up. Good news.

  3. Sounds promising. Fingers still crossed for you. Hang in there Winston...soon, very soon you will be back enjoying working.

  4. Hey Winst. Tomorrow I'll work you and Mufasa in the round pen again just before nap time in the clover pasture.

  5. Fingers still crossed it is going to happen this time. Such a cute little house who knew this could make you so frustrated. Winston is keeping you on your toes with distractions:) Hug B

  6. I don't comment often, but I read your blog all the time & love it. It is very hard to type with my fingers crossed, but by George, I'm doing it that you guys get this property!! :)

    Best of luck!


  7. Makes one so sad for all those horses that just get to stand around all their lives in small spaces. All the best to you guys to wrap this long process up finally.

  8. That is such a darling house, I sure hope you don't walk away. But I know how you feel - sometimes no house is worth it.


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