Saturday, August 4, 2012

Working Trot, Working Toes

This morning I tried riding Winston in the dressage saddle.  Brett went down to the barn with me, with the camera, so he gets credit for all the photos.  I got straight to work grooming Winston.  Meanwhile, Brett hung out with Flash.

I wore my western boots instead of my paddock boots.  The western boots are very roomy and my toes are happy in them.

As I went back and forth from the tie rail to the tack room, I walked by Jackson's stall which is on the end.  He was keeping a close eye on me and asking why I was riding Winston and not him.  Jackson is moving well on a straight line, he even trots sound on a straight line.  But turning is a whole different story.  Gimpy city.   Sorry Jackson, you have to make do with love from the ground and not from your back.

I finished tacking up and headed out to the arena.

Winston was gold.  He was forward, he was in front of my leg, and he was obedient.  He reached for the bit and lifted his back.  He stepped under and pushed.  He was feeling so good and my foot was so comfortable, that I decided to try trot.  When I broke my foot, I tried riding and could not keep the iron.  Either my foot slammed all the way home (my foot all the way through the stirrup, to the heel, instead of resting on the ball of my foot) or my foot bounced completely out of the iron.  Either way, it was completely useless to ride that way -- useless, ineffective and frustrating.  Not to mention, painful.  Today?  (she grins from ear-to-ear) Today?  Today I kept the iron effortlessly.  We trotted forever (10 minutes, maybe) and I was secure and steady and effective.  And it didn't hurt.  At all. 

Video tomorrow.  Dancing tonight.  (Or not).


  1. You'd better leg wraps on me if we're going dancing tonight.

  2. laughing at brett's comment. hooray for both you and winston!

  3. Yippee!! Great news! Onwards & Upwards now!

  4. You and Winston are cookin'. Keep wearing those western boots.

  5. Brilliant! I have a little tin in which I am saving my pennies for a New Forest pony. Truth to tell, I've been saving for a pony since I was 4 years old. This time I fully intend to reach my goal. I mean, Santa Claus has not been forthcoming for 50+ years so it's time I jolly well did it myself!


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