Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shhh, Don't Tell

I've been suffering from serious cabin fever but the throbbing in my toe everytime I got up and walked to the bathroom was enough to keep me on the couch, per doctor's orders.  However, this morning when I changed the dressing and soaked my foot it wasn't a grit-my-teeth experience.  For the first time, it wasn't bad at all.  My toe was so comfy in the Epsom salt water that I forgot about it and left my foot in the bucket until the water was cold.  And, it didn't throb when I moved around.

We've had a bit of a break in the heat.  It "only" got up to 96 this afternoon but the biggest change was the drop in humidity...down to 35% or so.  Still, though... hot. 

I went into the garage and grabbed one of these from the freezer:

Then I wiggled my foot into sandals.  (Don't tell the doctor.  He said absolutely no flip flops.  Emphatically.  More than once.  Oops).

I made my way to the barn to eat my ice cream.  Slowly, carefully, keeping away from the places where the dirt sits in deep dusty troughs.  The horses were all happy to see me and watched me eat my ice cream with looks of longing.  Passage even came meowing down the barn aisle and wound her way across my lap, threatening to drag her tail through my drumstick.  I saved the last little bit of the cone for Winston.  He didn't think much of it.

I picked up the pieces that were flung all over the barn aisle and took them down to Jackson who was looking quite famished.

He sniffed at my hand suspiciously and clamped his lips shut.  No thank you ma'am.  Good & Plenty was what I was hoping for.
I knew Flash would eat it.  He's not a picky eater, especially when it comes to treats.

The horses were all swatting at the flies with their tails so I got the fly spray and squirted them all.  I also retrieved Winston's jolly ball which had somehow ended up in Flash's stall.  Boys?

It was still hot in the barn, so I carefully hosed down the brick aisle-way.  The temperature immediately dropped. 

Last, I grabbed carrots from the feed room refrigerator.  Everybody got a carrot.  Even the bunnies.

I gave Jackson one last kiss goodbye and headed back to the house.  Jackson's weight is just about perfect now.  And he looks so darn handsome with his "come hither and kiss me" face.  Who could resist?


  1. Whoa! You are making progress! I could go for a drum stick right now.

  2. flip flops AND barning it! shame!

  3. I married a woman that refuses to follow instructions and there are never any consequences; however, when I fail to follow instructions there is "wrath" to be paid. As for Flash, he loves drumsticks, especially after a tough game of jolly volleyball in the stall. I assume that the ball in his stall is a "spike" from Winston.

  4. aww what wonderful pics of the animals...i bet they were longing for your ice cream...we have had a nice cut in the heat the last week as well...esp the mornings...flip flops or barefeet all the way...smiles.

  5. Does Brett know about this??
    Funny - I also keep a box of these drumsticks in the freezer in the garage. It works well as the girls are too lazy to go all the way out there and get one, yet it is handily on my way from the car to the house after work : )
    Love the look in the last photo!


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