Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Stills: Cats

We have just one cat, Passage.  (Pronounced like the French word: "Puh-sahj").  Mouser, squirreler, gopher grabber extraordinaire.  And she's a lovebug to boot.


  1. He even has dressagey colors! I wanted to name my two kittens with dressage names, but my little goofballs just don't conjure up that elegant dressage mystique

  2. So healthy and shiny. I am a little partial to these black and white cats.

  3. aka Ham? :) Passage is adorable!

  4. I thought you might like this! Its an excerpt from one of TS Eliot s cat poems!

    "The Rum Tum Tugger is a Curious Cat:
    If you offer him pheasant he would rather have grouse.
    If you put him in a house he would much prefer a flat,
    If you put him in a flat then he'd rather have a house.
    If you set him on a mouse then he only wants a rat,
    If you set him on a rat then he'd rather chase a mouse."


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