Thursday, August 16, 2012 Thirsty

The heat wave continued today with 100F temperatures, humidity, dark thunderclouds but no rain, and no relief at night.  Thank goodness we have solar generated electricity because the air conditioner has been running a lot.

This morning, I looked out our bedroom French doors and noticed that the leaves on the crepe myrtle tree (which is drought resistant) had curled and shriveled.  My lilac looked droopy, dry and half dead.  The shrub roses were brown and even the Jupiter's Beard looked parched.

I checked the sprinkler settings when I got up and they seemed appropriate for summer.  I tried running the cycle and got nothing.  Yipes.  How long have the poor plants been sweltering and panting in the intense August heat with no water?  I turned the sprinkler on manually and gave the plants a long soak.  Brett checked the wiring.  It looks like some animal -- squirrel?  raccoon?  skunk?  Kersey? -- was exploring in the area and ripped apart three or four wires.  Brett now has another project.  As if he didn't have enough already.

Fortunately, the crepe myrtle and the lilac perked right up after their soaking.  I'll have to see if the roses rebound as well.

The Heritage roses are still blooming and my pomegranate came back from its near death experience and is happily growing into a bushy shrubby plant.  It even has a couple blossoms so hopefully there will fruit in the fall.

I'm ready for fall.  It looks like we're going to have a large apple harvest this year.  I'm ready for apple pie, crisp mornings and sleeping with blankets.

 In the meantime, we're enjoying summer berries and plum chutney on pork chops.  There are some benefits to summer, I suppose.


  1. I hear you about the heat although it was the weirdest thing...we got a quick taste of fall yesterday. As I came over the last pass it was 47 degrees. Back to the 90s+ though heading into the weekend. Sigh.....

  2. the apples look great! our crepe myrtles have suffered again this summer - i think last year's drought almost wiped them out. they just haven't recovered.

  3. You need some rain! And fall can't come soon enough. That dinner looks outrageous! You are such a tease!

  4. Plum chutney on pork chops sounds so "Paso Robles" to me. Looks amazing too.

  5. I want to come have dinner at your house every day! YUM...



  6. So sorry about the heat. I really do feel for you but am so glad it is done with here - for the most part. Dinner looks great!

  7. Yeah, seriously should know better not to read your blog when I'm hungry. Big mistake!! That dinner looks delicious...yum!!
    We are into about a week now of unseasonably hot temps. Right around 100, we are so not used to that kind of heat!! My favorite time of year is fall, but the rains come all too quickly to suit me. And you know in Oregon, once the rains start, they're here until next June...sigh. Too hot or too wet, that's my dilemma. Sure hope you cool down and get some much-needed rain soon. That rose in your pic is amazing!! Just beautiful - what is it?

  8. Glad your plants revived! We are very dry here, but nights are in the mid 40s now.


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