Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Good Kind of Tired

Today Brett worked and I asked him to let me do the chores by myself so he slept until 5:30 and then headed off to work.  I rolled out of bed an hour later, put on my socks and sandals and went to the barn.  I did everything, every single bit of mucking and feeding, all by myself.  I even dumped the heavy muck cart into the compost pile.  I was very pleased with myself.

At lunch time, I went back down to the barn and fed the horses more hay and mucked the little bit that they had deposited since breakfast.  Dumped the cart (pumps fist in the air), came back to the house and jumped in the pool.  The water was a bit cool for my taste (Lori, you would have hated it), but the day was warm and I haven't been in the pool all summer so I didn't care.  I sank underneath and then did an underwater glide all the way across.  The pressure of the water against my foot?  No problem.  (she does another fist pump).  I did slide my foot into my paddock boot and that wasn't a good thing but I think by next weekend I will be able to ride.

I baked some rolls to have with dinner tonight.

Dinner was simple -- BBQed rack of lamb basted with pesto, roasted carrots and rolls.  I'm too tired to be more ambitious than that.

After Brett got home this afternoon, we did the evening chores together.  I'm tired, but its a good tired.

Yesterday, I picked a huge bowl of cherry tomatoes and made sauce.  There was no way I was going to peel a bazillion tomatoes so I threw them in a pot with browned onion, garlic and herbs.  When it was done, there were all these little skins in the pot.  I thought about trying to strain it but I didn't want to lose the body of the sauce; I wasn't looking for tomato juice.  I whipped out my handy dandy immersion blender and let it churn away in the pot.  Voila!  Lovely sauce.  I used it to make eggplant Parmesan.  --one of my all time favorite foods.


  1. You ladies need to toughen up with the pool water temperature. It's 81 degrees for "Pete's sake". Cold is when it gets to 58 and you have to swim 2 miles. Then we'll talk. The rolls; yeah, I ate 5 of them. Helped to soak up the 4 glasses of wine and build up "body fat" for that freezing 81 degree pool.

  2. Glad to see you doing so much better Annette! Spring is only 1 week away for us,yay! Another month and I can start harvesting from my vegie garden..That food,as always,looks absolutely delicious.

  3. Come on Brett! Give us a break! I don't tell my friends to heat their pool...they do it for Tina. I grew up on a lake. It's the 60 degree air temp I can't handle in the morning.
    Annette, you are doing so well! I'll bet you will be riding next week. We don't skin the tomatoes when we make sauce...your parm looks divine and belongs on our dinner table.

  4. he he on Brett's comment :) I am so happy for your progress! You are also quite inventive in the kitchen.

  5. Homemade rolls, basted lamb and, beautiful, artistically roasted carrots is keeping it simple?
    Oh dear. I would be embarrassed to show you our simple meals: frozen taquitos or frozen egg rolls?


    You are quite the talent in the kitchen, Annette.

  6. I can smell your rolls, and I'm drooling over the parm.

  7. Yum, my favourite dinner!
    Sounds like you're really making progress. You and Wilson will be back in harness in no time.


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