Monday, August 6, 2012

Getting Organized

Some of you may remember the tour we took of the Shea Center when Kalvin moved to his new digs there.  We were particularly impressed with their tack rooms.  The rooms themselves were spacious and well-lit, with rows of beautiful dressage saddles stacked on saddle racks in the center of the room.  On the walls, bridles were neatly hung and labeled with each horse's name.  But what really caught our attention were the saddle pads, neatly stacked on shelves, sorted and labeled by style, size and color.  We were inspired to become copycats.  We kept our saddle pads in an extra feed bin on the floor of the tack room.  We couldn't find pads, we forgot about favorite pads, and it looked messy.

We went to the local home improvement store and bought plastic stack-able shelving.  Brett moved our bridle rack up higher to accomodate the shelves, moved the hooks holding extra lead ropes and halters to the shed, and put together the shelves.  I arranged and re-arranged until it was perfect.  We have a shelf for our tack boxes, for cleaning rags, for bath buckets and for saddle pads.  I put my western pad on the top shelf, then oversize dressage pads for my saddle, then regular white pads, colored pads, and cooling sheets.  Next to the pads, I put polo wraps and brushing boots.  Tail wraps and a basket with leather cleaning supplies are on the lower shelf.  Cookies, are within easy reach, just beneath the bridles.

Of course, there was stuff I found that became homeless.

Brett moved it all into his shed which we will organize on another day. 


  1. Beautiful! You are on a roll, between that and riding.

  2. A girl can never have too many pretty saddle pads!

  3. Oh good idea! We are almost finished with our tackroom renovation and that's what I'm left with - too many saddle pads and coolers and what to do with them.

  4. Wow! I was impressed with the first photo - imagine my surprise at the second one. Just beautiful!! I can only say that I am totally envious. :) Good work!


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