Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Bit of a Setback

I told my boss that I would miss his meeting this morning due to a doctor's appointment but would be in my office mid-morning.  I expected the doctor to look at my foot, nod his head in approval, give me a referral to physical therapy and send me on my way.  In and outta there in 15-30 minutes was the plan.  Wrong.
My fractures are healing up nicely.  The toes are pretty straight and the flexibility will come back eventually, somewhat.  The swelling is just going to take time.  However, my big toe still bothers me and he was concerned about that.  The culprit?  The toe nail.  The trauma caused the nail to die and it was doing bad things so he said it had to go... a simple five minute surgery, he said.

An hour later, I limped out to the car barefoot because my big toe was wrapped up like a tootsie pop, big and round, and didn't fit in my sandal.  Brett wasn't with me because I thought I was going to the office afterwards.  I started the hour-long drive home, up the mountain.  As I started up the road, the anesthetic began to wear off and by the time I hit the curves my toe was screaming.  I wanted to pull over in a turn-out, turn off the car, and cry.  I wanted to call Brett to come get me -- but there is no cell service on the mountain highway and I didn't want to leave my car sitting there.  So, I gritted my teeth and gunned it.  I had one thought on my mind: get home ASAP.  I flew up the mountain.

So, I'm back on the couch with my foot on a pillow, an ice pack, and Aleve.  It will be a week or so before I can wear closed toe shoes and even think about riding.   Tomorrow the dressing comes off and I get to soak my foot in Epsom salts.  I'm as bad as a lame horse!

Its a good thing that yesterday I bought Winston a Jolly Ball to play with in his stall.  It will have to keep him occupied until I'm able to start riding again.  When I gave it to him, he immediately picked it up and threw it across his stall.  Again and again.

Of course, having my toe nail yanked today isn't all bad.  Its the perfect excuse to sit and watch all the Olympic freestyle rides on my laptop.  The ride by Charlotte Dujardin brought tears to my eyes.  What a beautiful rider and what an authentic person.  Her horse is pretty nice too.  I am thrilled she won and my congratulations to her, the British team, and all my British readers.  You guys rock!

Lastly, thank you all for your words of support and encouragement on yesterday's post.  It wasn't easy to write but if it helps anyone to trust their gut and their horse, like I learned to do, then it is worth every keystroke.  Some horses love to show, some horses hate it, and some are blasé.  Your horse will tell you where he falls on the spectrum.  Listen and honor what they say.  It's a partnership, it isn't a dictatorship.


  1. YAY! you got winston a ball toy! :)

    just wish your immediate toe health was better, but i hope this will help in the long run.

  2. Such a little part of the body can cause such big problems! Sending big toe healing thoughts your way my friend I know you want back in the saddle. Me too.

    After watching the freestyle final today, I am sooo inspired. Good stuff! :D

  3. Bummer, I got chills just thinking about getting my toenail yanked out. Hope it doesn't hurt too much tomorrow.

    Watched the dressage today on my computer too. Love that rider Charlotte Dujardin, she seemed so genuine. When she got off in the back I heard her say that her horse was so tired but he gave it his all. Made me feel good to see a top rider give credit to her horse and care about him.

  4. Annette! What the heck! Enough of this stuff.... Jenny had to have her toenail removed after her son stepped on it with baseball cleats. Can't believe what's been going on over the past few months. Torture!!!! Hang on.

  5. Ow! Poor you! But at least you got to watch the Freestyles. I was in tears too, first of all I didn't think Parcival deserved the score he got (tight in the neck and fussing in the mouth the whole time) and then when Charlottle & Valegro had the moment of confusion going from extended canter to passage I thought they'd blown it, so when they called her score I cried with her!
    Hope your toe heals up soon so you can get back in the saddle while you're still on an emotional high from it all.

  6. Oh, I am sorry about your toe, Annette. I know you are tired of being a patient. Darn toe nail.

  7. oh no!! I totally get being the pain! it must be so frustrating to not ride.

    Steele is jealous that he doesn't have a ball toy. :)

  8. You were very brave!! get well soon.

  9. Oh a horse toy I love that it is already working.
    Take care of your toe and enjoy the Olympics. B


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