Friday, August 24, 2012

A Good Morning

Yesterday, I went to the office and sat in meetings until the early afternoon which meant my foot was down that whole time -- and it didn't care.  In the evening, we went to a wine pairing dinner with Brett's sister and her husband.  The food was wonderful, the wine plentiful and good, and the time at the table long.  Again, other than a bit of headache from the wine this morning, no ill effects from sitting with my foot down for hours. 

My foot was fine all night.  Other than some weird sensations like the toes are made of cotton, and the fact that the toes don't bend anymore, the foot was fine.  I put on my socks and my sandals and went down to the barn with Brett to do morning chores.  I did my full share with no trouble at all.  I fed the goats their morning hay and then gave the rabbits their breakfast.

I gave Jackson his bucket of vitamins and then got the muck cart and rake and began flinging manure into the cart.  Once Brett had hay out in the pasture, I let Flash and Winston out of their stalls.  Everybody enjoyed the morning sunshine and mild temperatures.

A boy and his horse

A girl and her dogs
Brett helped me finish up the mucking and then we headed back to the house for breakfast.  I have to do something about the cherry tomatoes.  They are out of control.

The apples are coming along nicely.  We will have a good crop of big, juicy apples this fall.

I even have my first pumpkin, amongst the weeds in the garden.  I need to work on that too.

After breakfast, I settled on the couch to catch up on everyone's blogs.  There is a confused bird that has been hopping around on the railing, screaming at me, and occasionally flying over the window where he perches for a nano-second and pecks at the glass.  Then he flies back to the rail.  He has been doing this since early this morning.  I think he's confused or lost or both. 


  1. yay for your foot! nice to see your cute bunnies and sweet pups, too.

  2. I think that bird might be fighting his imaginary enemy (reflection)... :D

    SO glad to hear your foot is getting more useful. That picture of Flash and Brett is lovely.

    And I totally relate to the cherry tomato issue - I am plum overrun with them at the moment. Note to self: No one needs more than one cherry tomato plant. Ever.

  3. I had a confused bird friend too. He would hang around while I was mucking, screaming and flying in repetitive circles.
    I soon figured out he was eating tiny little bugs!
    Maybe you have a hunter bird too!

  4. Cheering right along with you for those toes! Sounds like a wonderful day. The apples look great. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Still loving your rabbit pen : )

  5. A good morning for sure. I guess time is our best friend. Our garden is going nuts too. All the critters look great.

  6. Sounds lovely. I envy you your cherry tomatoes, in a good year here we can grow tomatoes outdoors, but not this year,

  7. So glad to read that the foot is healing! Yay!
    Love the photo of a boy and his horse.

  8. I wish I had your tomato problem. It has been mild up here, too. This is my favorite time of year. Hope your foot gets to moving and feeling better soon.


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