Friday, July 15, 2011

Wonderful Weather

This morning was cool and foggy, clearing to blue skies and comfortable temperatures.  Our high was around 74 which was very cool for July - we are usually in the 90s.  I did not complain.

Yesterday morning when I rode Jackson, he was trying to manure but just couldn't.  It was rather strange and a bit concerning.  He did finally manage to go but Brett kept a close eye on him the rest of the day.  This morning when I went down to the barn to feed, he greeted me wearing a coat of greenish browninsh manure all over his legs, his sides and his face.  He looked awful and he smelled even worse.  Looking in his stall I could see that he had made a huge mess in the straw and then slept in it.  He doesn't normally mess in his stall so I knew he was still not feeling great.  After feeding and mucking and completely changing out the straw in his stall, I gave him a bubble bath.  I used whitening shampoo and even then wasn't able to scrub out all the stains.  I put him back in his stall to eat his hay while he dried and went up to the house to get my coffee.  Half an hour later I returned to the barn so I could braid and bag his tail.

He wasn't in his stall.  He was in the pasture playing with Kalvin.  And he was a mess.  But it was dirt, not manure, so I didn't care.  And his tail was still sort of clean.  He was happy to see me, running and bucking and sliding to a stop.

I noticed that the donkeys had invaded Jackson's stall.  The hay always tastes better in someone else's stall.  Jackson chased them out.  The donkeys were unconcerned.

Passage was enjoying the sunshine.  Perfect for a dust bath.

I finished bagging Jackson's tail and then watched Brett and Flash work in the arena for a few minutes.

I mentioned a few posts ago that Bella has been jumping out of the goat area.  She jumps close to a corner so Brett tried tying some caution tape across.  So far, its working.  She hasn't jumped out in two days.  You can see Bella in the second picture -- she's just a tiny little thing -- with springs for legs.

We had to cut down one of the cottonwood trees because the roots were buckling the pool deck.  Brett dragged part of the trunk into the goat area to create another toy for them.  They approve.

Whiskey and Cowboy are settling in well.  Little Bear and Thistle don't mind them joining the herd.  Bella is still busy ensuring that they understand that she is the boss lady.  She can be a bit obnoxious about it but I figure we have a mare-ish doe.


  1. Glad that Jackson is feeling better. When we had goats and they were young, they thought climbing on a car was fun. By the time they were fully grown, they were not able to do it. They would run free on the farm part of everyday and even went with us as we cross country skiied. Very much like dogs. Enjoy!

  2. We've had record "low" temps here, the 90's in JULY!!! Not since 1930 has it been in the 90's in July here near Palm Springs! And, yes, our nights have been cool...down in the 70's. But, the low is lifting and heat is due back this way. Your goats are precious!

  3. I have to say, what wonderful weather your having! But here again, we are inundated with water! As I write this, I am watching the level of water rise, it is already into the conservatory!
    Thunderstorms, hail, whatever next!

  4. Oh Jackson - what next? Neat that he still has so much life, even when he doesn't feel good. My goats did the same thing. They can just climb those chain link fences can't they?

  5. Ciao cara amica Annette....I know; it's such a looong time since I stepped in your world; but work was just tooooo busy!!!!!

    Thank you so much for stepping back in my Tuscany; I loved it!!!!!

    ...and I do LOVE your BELLO JACKSON....he is just charming ( look at his eyes...) and looks majestic even after his mud bath.......!!!!

    What sweet little goats....! I adore them and I proposed my hubby already several times to take some....I'll have to convince him....!!!

    Such a pleasure to look at your previous posts; just let me take another glimpse....!!!

    ciao ciao ed un abbraccio elvira

  6. Ciao cara amica Annette....I know, it's such a loong time since I stepped into your world, but work was just too busy!!!

    Thank you so much for your very appreciated visits in my Tyscany; I loved it!

    I am so happy to be back and see Jackson so BELLO...he is just a Beauty, even after his mud bath...he looks majestic , gorgeous!!!!
    Look at his charming eyes....who can resist....?

    I will take a loong look now at your previous works...will take a good glimpse of all of it!!!

    Ahhh, I adore your little goats; how much I would love to get some too; I really have to convince my hubby....!!!

    So sweet and I do know that you will never ever be without work.....!!!

    ciao ciao and a hppy and sunny weekend!!!


  7. What a good idea with the log...and the caution tape.

    That's weird about Jackson, hope he's 100 percent now.

  8. Our weather has been abnormally high. It seems like everywhere is low or high. Weird weather this year.

    I'm glad you found a way to keep the goats in. I can't believe she was able to get out there. She so tiny. Of course they are very talented escape artists.

    I hope Jackson is feeling better now. Any idea what caused the tummy upset?


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