Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fingers Crossed

This morning I worked Jackson early before heading to work.  We started by warming up with a forward walk, on the buckle, up and down the bridle path.  Then we worked hard in the arena for 20 minutes on his trot.  I insisted that he work in a forward trot but at the same time reach for the bit and stay off his forehand.  We did some leg yield and 10m circles to help with the concept of reaching under.  He tried hard and I felt like we had a successful ride. 


When we were done and back at the tie rail, I checked his feet.  HUGE stone in the hind, wedged between the ends of the shoe by his heel.  The stone was rectangular, 1.5 inches by 2 inches and it was wedged in tight.  I couldn't do more than get a bit of wiggle with the hoof pick.  I had to use one of Brett's wrenches to get a good grip and twist it out.  I'm hoping it was flat enough and far enough back that it didn't bruise his sole.

He never took a bad step despite the fact that it couldn't have been comfortable.  I'm sure he picked it up on the bridle path since I cleaned his feet before we went out and there is gravel and stones scattered everywhere.  Our ground is naturally full of rock and there is a lot of gravel around the places where driveways cross the path. 


When I got home from work and we turned the horses out, Jackson wasn't off but he was bobbing his head when he walked so I'm sure his heel is sore.   It was warm again today so after chores, we took the dogs back to their yard through the pool area so Kersey could swim.

Then we BBQ-ed hamburgers on the viewing stand while the horses munched on their hay.  Tomorrow is a rest and recover day for Jackson.  Hopefully, the stone didn't hurt too much.  Thankfully, it was flat so, while the pressure I'm sure hurt, at least he wasn't getting jabbed with a pointy spot.


  1. That's not a rock, it's a boulder!

  2. Pretty amazing, that he could work with that stone in there.

  3. Poor Jackson. I forgot how shoes can hold onto rocks like that. It sure was wedged in there. I'm glad you were able to get it out. :) I hope he feels better quickly.

  4. Hello, just found your blog from Dream Valley Ranch. Wow, that is a huge stone! Hope all is well with your horse.


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