Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Herd is Complete

This afternoon Whiskey and Cowboy joined our goat herd.  Initially, it was hard to tell the two apart but I'm sure it will get easier as we get to know them better.  At this point, Whiskey is a tad taller and has a bit more grey in his coat (we're thinking whiskey and water).  His mama died a few weeks ago so he has been on a bottle since then.  As a result, he is the more social of the two. 

We brought Whiskey and Cowboy into the goat area and then we settled onto the goat shed porch to watch the integration process.  It went fine.  Bella, Bear and Thistle held the porch territory (which I'm thinkin' had more to do with people possession) but Whiskey and Cowboy didn't care.  They were too busy running laps around the shed and doing gymnastic floor exercises. 

Thistle supervised -- all he needs is a whistle around his neck.  He looks like Coach Thistle to me.

And here are some very short videos of the new kids on the block.

And, lastly a question for those of you who also have goats.  We have a fence jumper.  Bella has jumped the five foot fence twice.  It is ranch fencing with chain link on the inside to keep goats in and dogs out - she's a 10 week old Nigerian Dwarf...  who wants to do stadium jumping.  Any suggestions on how to keep her from jumping out or is this something she will outgrow as she gets bigger and heavier? 


  1. Cute! Thanks for the video. Is she standing on something when she jumps--feeders, rocks, toys? Ours have never been able to jump that high, but we do have one who will jump off of things and over the fence. She did not outgrow it, we just moved everything away from the fence.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts Linda. Unfortunately, there aren't any props near the fence. She just runs down the slope and then leaps half-way or more up and uses the momentum from running to get her over.

  3. Your goats are just adorable. Is there a possibility of goat's milk or cheese in the future? :)

  4. Those goats are just too adorable. I'm sitting here wondering how that little goat jumped that high, if she keeps it up you might want to enter her in stadium jumping contests!


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