Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finally Friends

We had another cool night (low of 46F) and I rode Jackson while the fog was still hanging in the air.  About halfway through our ride, Bella jumped out of the goat area again and started playing on the boulders next to the arena.  Jackson didn't bat an eye at the bouncing goat even though she clearly didn't belong there.  The other day, Brett was working with the tractor in the same area and Jackson dove to a stop and went sideways.   He doesn't like changes -- the cover off of the BBQ on the viewing stand for instance.  So, I was surprised at his disinterest in Bella.  It was Bella's third goat escape of the morning and it was only 8:00.  Camille and her friend Kelly, who is visiting this weekend, put her back the first two times. 

After I finished my ride, I put Jackson back in his stall and went into the tackroom to clean and put away his tack.  When I came out, Jackson was standing in his turnout with his tail lifted.  Tuffy was standing under his neck, sideways.  I did a double take.  Jackson hates the donkeys.  He chases them mercilessly.  When they see him coming, they hightail it back into their stall where he can't follow.  I figured that as soon as Jackson was done pooping, he would go after Tuffy.  But no, he finished, lowered his head and started grooming Tuffy's back.  I was in SHOCK.  Tuffy seemed to take it as a matter of course.  He is a persistent little donkey and I guess Jackson finally gave up and decided to be friends.  I didn't have my camera with me.  I would have loved to get a picture of that. 

In the early afternoon, Katie came up to work with Kalvin.  He's been doing really well and is full of happy energy.  His coat is shiny and he's looking for excuses to canter.  Although that makes him a handful, Katie is thrilled.  I love watching them together -- the huge gorgeous warmblood floating around petite Katie, adoring and obeying her. 

Meanwhile, Jackson was in the pasture stomping his feet and waving his head at me.  I am not supposed to look at any horses except him.

I gave him scratches, rubs and kisses before heading off to find the donkeys.  They were both in Jackson's stall.  Jackson followed me up, stuck his head in the stall, and instead of chasing them out put his head over the turnout fencing and watched Kalvin and Katie in the arena.  He eventually went in the stall but Tuffy stuck around and he didn't chase him out.  Finessa, being more cautious, left. 


  1. Exactly what I love so much about animals - how funny and smart they can be. They make life so interesting. I see Jackson is feeling much better!

  2. such beautiful horses and sweet donkeys! i hope their friendship continues! i'm sure it would make your life easier! :)

  3. Happy day! All seem to be doing very well. Did you eat any rhubarb yet?

  4. Glad they finally warmed up to each other.

  5. Awww I'm glad Jackson has finally decided he likes the donkeys. :D


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