Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Stills: Farm Animals

Pictures of the animals at noon on Saturday, July 23rd.

Kersey, yellow lab

Sedona, kuvasz/shepherd mix

Pilgrim, barred rock

Speckles, speckled sussex

Pilgrim, Little Red (Rhode Island Red), Gold Sex Link

Goldie (Buff Orpington), Gold Sex Link, Little Red

Tuffy & Finessa, miniature donkey

Flash, sleepy American paint horse

Jackson, hungry American paint horse

Passage (French pronunciation), barn cat

Rocky, (Holland lop), Basil & Sage (minature lops)

Sage, Rocky, Basil

Little Bear & Thistle, Nigerian dwarf goats
Cowboy (African pygmy) & Bella (Nigerian dwarf)


Cowboy, African pygmy goat

Whiskey, African pygmy goat


  1. You've got a whole farm of adorable friends. Great pictures.

  2. What a super variety of farm animals. All terrific shots. :)

  3. Loved the tour and the photos! You choose such great names. I also like that you showed a close up of the African Pygmy goats so I could remember what the differences are between them and the Nigerian Dwarfs. The weather looks pleasant for high noon.

  4. Love all the pics....particularly liked the tongue on Kersey and Passage the barn cat...too cute.

  5. Awesome pictures! Such a variety of animals you have.

  6. those rabbits are SO cute! i loved them
    you have cute animals

  7. all of your animal babies looks so sweet! just beautiful!

  8. You've got quite a zoo. How are they all holding up during your hot weather?

  9. Great pictures!! I was so looking forward to doing that particular Sunday Stills and didn't have time. :( Besides it's a little depressing since I don't really have a farm anymore.

  10. great assortment! I just love those donkey ears!


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