Thursday, July 21, 2011

Brett and Bear Are Affected By The Heat, Silliness Ensues

Today was hot.  I was going to ride after doing chores but it was already sweaty warm with no breeze.  I decided to wait until the afternoon/evening when there is usually a bit of wind.

Despite the heat, there were a number of mysteries solved, culprits caught, and things accomplished.

Bella has learned how to jump back into the goat area.  She jumps out.  She gets bored, misses her herd, and jumps back.  This makes life much easier for us.

The past two days, Jackson's new fly mask has been missing from his face and found in Kalvin's paddock.  Today, I caught Kalvin running up and down with said fly mask in his mouth.  Then he lowered it to the ground and started to stomp on it.  I'm all for sharing but I bought that fly mask to protect Jackson from sun burn not to amuse his friends.

In the late afternoon, Brett and I rode Flash and Jackson around the block.  The last time I tried to take Jackson out of the arena, he started limping halfway around.  That was over a month ago.  Today he made it all the way.  Yes!

After our ride, Brett and I sat on the goat shed porch for awhile.  Bella, Thistle, Bear and Whiskey settled around us and contently chewed their cud.  Cowboy came and went.  Bear got bored and decided to stand with his hind feet on Brett's outstretched legs, his front feet on Brett's chest, and his nose touching Brett's nose.  Then he burped up some cud.  Brett burped back.  Repeat.  Like a couple of second graders having a burping contest.  And I laughed with my eyes watering while I tried to tell them to grow up.

Dinner tonight was crispy chicken, mashed potatoes, a couple small roasted beets and braised kale finished with a bit of cream. 

The breeze is blowing cool evening air into the house.  I do love living in the mountains.  It almost always cools off at night.  It's 9:00 as I type this and the temperature is 56F and dropping.  Ahhhhhhh.


  1. That burping contest would have been a you tube hit if you could video tape it!! I can see you laughing at those two!!!

  2. Oh! How we would kill for some heat! Its now the 10th week of rain! Every day. All the wooden fencing is going green, if you stand still too long, you would take root!

  3. 56 degrees. What I would give to feel that temperature. Dinner looks great!

  4. I've seen 3 fly masks that have been DESTROYED by the two horses next to Cali. She NEEDS a fly mask and I only had 1 left. The ranch owner suggested I put Tabasco sauce on it, so I did yesterday. Can't wait to see if it has been ripped up and stomped on!

  5. Sounds like a perfect day. The dinners at your house are always amazing.

  6. LOL the burping contest is great. Wish you'd had your video camera. :)

    I'm glad Jackson did so well on the ride. And I hope you manage to keep the fly mask on him.


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