Monday, July 25, 2011

Fire Season

Late summer and fall are fire season here in Southern California.  With all the rain we had last winter, the weeds got really high.  So now we have lots of high dead grass for wildfire fuel.  Last week there was a fire east of us.  Today driving home from work I passed a fire about 15 miles north of us.  The fire came right up to the freeway and then retreated.  When I passed, there were fire trucks, fire planes, and helicopters aggressively trying to keep the fire from crossing Temescal Canyon Road and burning Tom's Farms.  Tom's Farms is a landmark.  It was just a fruit stand off the highway when I was a kid, then they started selling burgers, and now they have expanded to include an antique store.  It would have been a loss.  They were able to get the fire contained and Tom's Farms is safe. 

The fire season lasts until November when the weather cools.  Rains start at the end of November or December.  October is the most dangerous fire month due to strong, hot winds ("Santa Ana winds") that fan the flames. 

I took these pictures with my Blackberry as I was driving on the freeway past the fire:


  1. Stay safe Anette. It is mid winter here and also bush fire time! Lots of grazing going due to the fires...

  2. Hope you are all safe! Lets keep our fingers crossed.

  3. of all the hazards, i think wildfires scare me the most - especially in such a dry year...

  4. Scary times. Please be careful. Cool shots though :)

  5. I want to cough just looking at the photos. Be safe!

  6. We've had several wildfires burning into the peat soil since May. Until our drought is over, there's nothing to stop the burning. When the wind is right - you can barely stand to be outdoors.

    I hope the fires stay far away form your lovely farm :)


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