Monday, July 18, 2011

Bella Goes To A Party

Sunday was very warm.  After doing chores, I stayed inside the house where it was cool and pickled some beets.

Camille and her friend, Kelly, spent most of the afternoon out by the pool.  Use your imagination to add two girls stretched out on towels, working on their tans, with music blasting to the following picture.

Notice also, that behind the pool is the goat area.  Look closely at the next picture. 

Bella was sure her invitation must have been lost in the mail.  No matter.  She was going to join the girls.

The only problem with that plan was that there were already two other girls at the party. 

When Bella squeezed through the fence to join the fun, the dogs took off in pursuit.  Kersey, the lab, just wanted to play.  Sedona... she was making serious hunting noises.  Camille was able to grab Bella and push her back through the fence but it was close. 

When Brett got home from work he was hot and tired and grumpy.  He wanted to ride his horse.  Instead, he and I spent an hour tying chicken wire to all the wide openings in the pool fence. 

Today when I left for work, I put a bucket of water outside the goat area.  I was sure Bella would jump out during the day and I wanted her to have access to water so she wouldn't try to get into the pool area.  She did jump out and spent the day nibbling on leaves and climbing on rocks. 

I don't think she was able to go into the pool area and the dogs were in their area.  She was safe.  When Brett got home from work, he was able to ride. 


  1. Thats some goat!......Should have called it Houdini!"

  2. What a little adventurer. It's great you have so many enclosed options. The picture of her going over the fence is great.

  3. Wow--she's amazing!! That was smart of you to put water out for her. Hopefully, she never ventures to the pool.

  4. Could she swim if she fell in the pool? What a funny little girl.

  5. What a cute post! I just love Goats and thier fun personalities.


  6. LOL! Silly Bella! I wonder if she learned her lesson about dogs hehe. Poor Brett. I'm glad he got to ride eventually.


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