Sunday, July 31, 2011


Splitter, splatter, drip, drip, splunk.

We awoke to rain this morning.  It wasn't much.  Just enough to dampen the dust, cool the air, and make the horses frisky.

When we opened the goat shed, they all ran out as usual.  Then they felt the rain and ran back, jumping and twisting and doing their best to avoid the rain drops.  Cowboy did a few laps around the shed, cutting across the porch, yelling "ma, ma, maaaa" and jumping like a cat before joining the others inside.

I love the way raindrops cling to leaves, flowers and fruit.

I picked some tomatoes from the garden and harvested enough Friendship rhubarb to make a pie.


  1. Unlike the goats, I love a morning shower.

  2. What I would give for a piece of that pie. You are too good at this! Hope you enjoyed it.

  3. Man does that pie look good! Glad for your rain!!

  4. just cleaned the stove from the pie crust droppings. hope it tastes good.

  5. When you blog about cooking it always inspires me to do more cooking myself. The tomatoes and rhubarb look wonderful. Love the way you notice things and share how beautiful they are.

  6. Showers here this a.m as well - thankfully!! Maybe our drought is ending.

    I cannot wait until my farmette is equipped for goats - they sound delightful. Pie looks delish :)


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