Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet Thistle!

Last night we picked up Thistle and put him in the shed with Bear and Bella.  Everyone got along just fine.  Thistle wouldn't drink his bottle -- too much exploring and introducing to do!  This morning I managed to get him to drink his bottle - he fought it for awhile, twisting his little goat face this way and that but I managed to get the nipple in his mouth and keep it there - and he went "Oh!  Milk!" and gulped it all down.  Silly little boy!

Here is the handsome boy.  I just love LOVE his coloring!  My little buckskin goat...

And Little Bear has the cutest face ever.  Fortunately, he doesn't mind me kissing on him all the time.

And Bella is so sweet, and such a girl .. not a girlie girl, a tomboy (she loves to climb and she's very brave).

But wait - something has caught their attention.  What could it be?

Ohhhh.... it's a bear, or a wolf, or something vicious outside the fence.

They went closer to investigate with brave Bella in the lead.

Kersey started wagging her tail and jumping and ... well... the goats scattered.  This friendship may take awhile to develop.

In other news, Sedona is on the mend.  She is very happy in the mud room greeting us as we come and go.  The abscess is still draining a lot so we have to keep her on the tile but she has her bed so she's comfortable.  Fortunately, being on the elderly side she isn't getting cabin fever.

The final two goats (Cowboy and Whiskey) will join our herd in early August or late July.  They are not dairy goats so they can stay with their mama until they are weaned.  We won't be bottle feeding them at all.

Camille and I are leaving for France and London next Monday.  We will be gone two weeks and I am not taking my laptop (too heavy!) so my blog will be dark.  I have a very close friend who lives in Normandy and we will be spending our second week with her, exploring Normandy, the landing beaches, and her beautiful little country house in Brittany (my favorite place in France).  We will spend a couple days in Paris when we first arrive and then five days in London.  Any recommendations on "do not miss" sites in London would be very welcome!


  1. Hope you have a fantastic time travelling :)

    Your goats are beautiful!! I used to be so scared of goats but I really like your ones, they look like nice goats haha.

  2. Goats are some of my most favorite animals and yours are adorable. Have a wonderful trip and I hope you are taking your camera so we can see some photos from the trip when you get back.

  3. Love your little goats...sweet babies.

    Your trip sounds fabulous, we will miss you!

  4. My friend just returned from London and said she couldn't get enough of the Victoria and Albert museum - she raved about it. If you like modern art - the Tate for sure :)

    Have a blast on your trip. Eat some oysters for me in Brittany - I'm officially jealous!

    The goat may need their own blog ;)

  5. Thistle has beautiful confirmation and I love his color!

  6. Another adorable goatie. Welcome Thistle.
    How about that apple tree "we" planted...pretty interesting. Have a great trip to France and England. We have friends in Paris and outside of London, as well as in Sheffield. You are going to have such a great time. Please tell Brett to fill us in on his blog while you are gone.

  7. Thistle is the perfect name <3

  8. Really nice marked goats. I love their names also. Have a great time.

  9. I loved the Imperial War Museum in London more than anything else, could have stayed for days. It carries you back to a time when people pulled together, unafraid to become a community in their darkest hours.

    So glad to hear Sedona is on the mend.

    Those goats hurt my heart with how cute they are.

  10. Have a great trip. I can't wait to read your posts when you get back. B

  11. Wow--another beautiful baby. Did you get all three from the same person? I'm glad they get along. When we lost our first two we replaced them with a brother and sister and then one from another person and the two sibs have never fully got along with the other one. There was about a month's age difference though, which I think caused the problem. Are you still bottle-feeding all three of them?

  12. The goats are all so cute! Kersey will be a good friend I'm sure.
    Your trip sounds fabulous - very jealous. Have fun!

  13. Awesome name, awesome goat!! I just love your setup for them. Have an amazing trip!

  14. Bear and Bella are from one owner and Thistle is from another. Thistle came from our new farm which does not have a website yet.

    I think in the last post somebody asked what breed they were. All three are Nigerian Dwarves. I love them! I am a city boy who married into this whole goat thing. My wife, Linda is the goat expert.

    I am definitely enjoying the country life though. There isn't much better than coming home from work, letting the goats out to graze around and have fun while drinking a beer.

  15. Annette...Gary transplanted some of the same rhubarb that got big and I have used it for a pie. Can't see why you can't use some of yours. Is it getting red?

  16. Oh, they are just WAYYYYYY too cute!!!! I plan on getting goats when I get get the north shelter belt cleaned up and fully fenced and get a shelter in there, so it will be a while, but seeing yours makes me want them now! LOL

    So jealous you are going to London and France! Never been to France, but for London, definitely take a Beefeater tour through the Tower, climb the dome of St. Paul's (fantastic view if you go all the way to the very top), visit St. Bartholomew's church (off the tourist track), and if you get a chance to go on a London Walk, do the one on Jack the Ripper with Donald Rumblow--he wrote the definitive guide to Jack the Ripper. The tour ends at the actual pub (Ten Bells) where Jack was said to pick his victims....

    More than anything HAVE FUN!!!! Be safe and see you back soon.

  17. The goats are sooooo cute! Have fun on your trip!


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