Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Goat Projects

Who knew getting goats could create so much work?

Brett continued painting the shed.  He's almost done -- just has some white trim and the inside bench to paint.

He noticed that we had a tall puppy pen tied against the dog yard.  When Sedona was a puppy (eight years ago), I planted a native grape vine on the outside of her yard to conceal the generator.  She kept reaching through the fence, pulling up the grape vine, and dragging it around her area.  Great dog toy.  Not great for the plant.  After she killed two, we put a puppy pen up along the fence to protect the grapevine.  For eight years that grapevine has been growing in and out of the fence - and the puppy pen.  I attacked it with clippers and pruners -- a new puppy fence is $100, for that amount of money the grapevine can grow back and the puppy pen can be used to protect the new sycamore tree from the coming goats.  It was a big job.  When I started working on it, the fence was solid grapevine from the house to the dog yard gate.  There's only about a quarter, if that, left.

After clipping and digging, it was ready to come out.  It worked perfect around the sycamore tree.

We used a smaller pen (fortunately not in current use) for the aspen tree.  The aspen is older, stronger and bigger.  The goats will no doubt trim the lower branches, but that is okay.  Our branches are supposed to be trimmed up six feet for fire prevention anyway.

Sedona and Kersey kept us company all afternoon.  Sedona moved from place to place resting in the shade.

Kersey was busy looking for things to chew and swimming.  I used to tell Brett that he doesn't have blood in his veins, he has water (he was a Nationally ranked swimmer back in the day).  I think Kersey is the same.

BBQ ribs for dinner tonight.  We worked hard today -- time to indulge in a high calorie, artery clogging dinner.

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  1. The trees look well protected! I could go for that exact dinner...your usual very appetizing fare.


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