Saturday, June 18, 2011

Clear, sunny and warm...

This morning's early fog burned away by 8:00.  We ended up with blue skies and temps in the low 70s.  Brett was up early to get Flash ready for mounted posse training.  They were gone before 7:00.

I took Sedona back to the vet's barn where her stitches and the tubes were removed.  And she is able to be outside again.  That makes for one very happy dog -- and two very happy people.  She is far to large to be in the house 24/7 and it was driving all of us nuts.  Kersey is beside herself with joy.  Sedona had to growl a bit to quell the puppy's enthusiasm at her return to the dog yard.

After getting Sedona settled, I gave the goats their wormer balls.  Of course, they don't know they are wormer balls since they look and taste like treats (herbs mixed with molasses, formed into balls, and rolled in oats).

Thistle is starting to hold his own ground with the other two.  Initially, he hung back and let them push him around.  Bella, in particular, is very jealous of us.  She won't let anyone else get close.  Typical girl with goat yard drama.  I can't get irritated because she crawls in my lap, tucks her feet under her, lays down, and starts making a purring sound.
Bear hopes that if he stands on the shed shelf, he'll be fed another bottle of milk.  Dream on, kid.

Thistle is a good little eater.  He browses on the weeds and the alfalfa - and is already chewing his cud.
The gardens are going gang busters.
The rhubarb is coming along.  There isn't enough yet for a pie.

Tomatoes and pumpkin.  The tomatoes will ripen while I am gone.  ARGHH!

I love the spicy cinnamon scent of backyard carnations. 

I can't believe poppies are growing in the greenhouse.  It's hot in there now!
Poppies are also still blooming out by the pool.

This agave is named "Jaws"  -- apt name, I'm thinkin'

I'm starting to pack and get ready for our trip.  I throw stuff in the suitcase, think about it, take some out and add different stuff... it's a process.  Camille and I are bringing small suitcases since we will be moving around quite a bit and its a pain lugging a big honkin' suitcase.  I told my friend that we would arrive with small bags.  She doesn't believe me.  She says petit for an American is huge for a French person.
Suitcase and carry on -- pretty petit!

Camille and I already got our pedicures.  These feet are ready for walkin'

Our yoga teacher and her family are coming up later this afternoon for a bbq and to meet the goats.  Kids and goats -- I should have great pictures for tomorrow's post.


  1. >>Typical girl with goat yard drama. << That is just way too funny!!! LOL!! Those goats are beyond adorable.

    The poppies are gorgeous. I'm going to have to do some research and see if any would grow here. I love their splash of color.

    I was just reading about how some varieties of rhubarb can be decorative. One has leaves that are over a foot across, but those won't grow here--I guess they are tropical. It was an interesting read!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Annette. It's so nice to meet you. Your goats look so cute, and I love the flowers.

  3. I love your pedicure - so pretty. DOn't forget to leave room in your bag for bringing new things home :)

  4. Glad your pup is able to be back outside. Taking a small bag to Paris is a great two are going to have such a great time. The rhubarb looks like it is doing very well...maybe you can make a pie when you get back home.

  5. Your nails are gorgeous! I love that. :)


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