Friday, June 17, 2011

Riding Aragon

This morning I rode Jackson.  At least, I thought it was Jackson.  It was the same sweet face diving into his halter, standing at the tie rail to be groomed and tacked up,  and eagerly walking to the arena.  But, when I picked up the contact he immediately rounded underneath me and starting working over his back and reaching for the bit.  I thought to myself "I'm riding Aragon!"  They're both greys, right?  If I had a video of our ride, I would post it but since there were no witnesses you'll have to make do with this. 

Okay, okay.  So we did 20 minutes of trot work with a bit of canter at the end.  Jackson doesn't know anything about collection and he's just learning impulsion.  But he was the most balanced I've ever felt him and he was working so honestly, so correctly, that it made me grin from ear to ear. 

I told him he's better than Aragon.  And I meant it.  He is my kind of Aragon.


  1. Very cool! Sounds like Jackson is coming along very well! I have some catch-up reading to do, but sounds like it's been going well with the grey!! :)

  2. Maybe you should call him Jackson Aragon. It had to feel great.

  3. Aragon- I mean Jackson looks terrific! It's wonderful when you get that feeling, isn't it? It's what keeps us going

  4. Cute post, full of maternal pride.


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