Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bear and Bella Arrive!

This afternoon I drove back out to the Temecula wine country and picked up Bear and Bella.  When I got home, Brett helped me unload them.  Initially, they cautiously poked their way through the shrubs while keeping one eye on us.  Pretty soon they were bounding across their paddock like deer, bouncing off the rocks, tree stumps and us. 
Bella was the braver, curious one.  Bear stuck close behind her.

Cautiously scoping out the territory

Little Bear

Bear: Let's go over there!  Bella: I'm not sure we should go behind the shed.  Let me ponder on this.

Okay, let's go!

This isn't a goat feeder.  This is a toy for Bear.  Obviously.

Brett: What are you guys doing on my rock?

Bear and Bella: We're trying to decide what kind of toy you are.

Bear: Camera?  What's a camera?

Let me take a closer look.  Is it edible?

Bella:  Me too!  I wanna see the camera toy!

Don't they look innocent?   They were playing "Lets Jump On Brett" -- he looks a bit worried, doncha think

Real worried.

I think it's pretty clear who their favorite toy is...  (and vice versa)


  1. They are sooooooo adorable!! Great pix :)

  2. All looks well on the Western Front. Needless to say they are both adorable and well loved. Enjoy those sweet babies.

    It's going to be 85 today, and this morning...VERY muggy. A cold front is on the way that should put us back in the 70s. Sounds like you are having unusual weather out there. I just picked a ton of spinach. Do you grow it?

  3. looks like an old goat with two baby goats.

  4. OMG, could they be any cuter??? I love the pictures with Brett, and the close ups. You must want to just pick them up and hug them.

  5. I LOOOOVE them!!!! OMG they literally could NOT be cuter. Congratulations:)

  6. Let the fun begin! They are so darn cute!!!! The pictures are precious. I found that no animals were as much like real babies as baby goats--they get so attached and are so smart and playful. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures with them. I LOVE goats.

  7. SQUEAL!!!!! They are SO adorable! I need my baby goat fix! Video please!!!!!

  8. Those are two of the luckiest goats in the universe!

  9. Oh no, I can't stand how cute they are. It's too much - I want them!

  10. I fell in love with those little goats.....


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