Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Stills: Pot-Luck (no archives)

This morning, I weeded the iris bed along the arena fence.  Brett was going to weed-whack later and I was worried that he would decapitate some of my iris.  I figured if the area was weeded, he wouldn't need to come close to them.  I checked later, he only nailed one of them.  And it was a little thing at the end so I'm sure he never saw it.

I also pulled weeds around Little Lorenzo's grave.  There are still a lot of poppies growing there.  Daffodils in the spring, followed by poppies.  Little Lorenzo was a miniature donkey, gone too soon, greatly loved.  One day he had a runny nose, two days later Brett found him dead in the pasture early in the morning.  He woke me with tears streaming down his face.  We dug the grave.  I woke Camille and sobbed with her.  Camille and I picked flowers and filled the hole with them, making him a soft and fragrant resting place. 

After weeding, my gloves and jeans were full of foxtails.  So, I sat on the porch of the goat shed and picked them out.  The dogs slept in the shade of one of the cottonwood trees.  Brett painted.  It took forever to get the foxtails out, but it was a beautiful day so I can't say I suffered.

Next, I moved compost.  All four bins were full, so I emptied out two of them.  
Using the tractor...
I tackled one of the piles.  I filled the bucket,
drove it up the driveway, and around to the front gate...
where I dumped it around the cottonwood trees.
It took me two hours, nonstop, to empty the two bins.
Lunch time!!  (always a highlight in my day).  In the afternoon, I spent about an hour visiting with Whiskey and Cowboy.  They have grown so much in just one week.  I can tell them apart now -- Whiskey is taller and when I held him, he made little noises - almost like a cat purring.  Cowboy is smaller.  I held him first and he took a long nap in my arms.  When I put him down and picked up Whiskey, Cowboy climbed up on the rocks where I was sitting and started pulling at my sleeve.  

Back home.  Brett finished his mowing and went off for a late afternoon trail ride with the boys.  I wandered around snapping pictures and enjoying the afternoon sunshine.  It was a pretty perfect Sunday.

...rain in the forecast for tonight.  REALLY??!!  I'm finding that hard to believe.  Does that sky look like rain on the way to you?


  1. I love seeing more and more of your property. Beautiful gardens...the purple iris is stunning. Can't wait til all those goaties are home! Sorry about Lorenzo.

  2. I see rain clouds on the horizon. Weren't there 1 hour ago. Better start a fire.

  3. What a lovely home. So beautiful and I so enjoy what you share of it.

  4. Told you it was going to rain. You need to trust the weatherman dear.


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