Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ranch Visit with Rose

Yesterday evening, our yoga instructor (Megan) came up for a BBQ with her husband and daughter.   Of course, the main focus of the visit was meeting all the critters.  We wasted no time and immediately headed for the barn.

First we stopped at the chicken pen.  Rose asked if she could try to pet one of the chickens.  I told her if she could catch one, she could pet it.  We have speedy chickens.  They headed into the hen house where the door is too small for cowgirls to follow.

The bunnies were more cooperative.
We moved on to the donkeys.  Jackson wondered why they weren't visiting him. 

Rose took a picture of Jackson while Megan met the donkeys.

Finessa, who is usually very skeptical of new people, instantly loved Megan.

Jackson finally got his turn with Rose.

Flash accepted a carrot but he didn't go for any of that gooshy lovey dovey stuff.

No siree, don't try to kiss my face.  Rose didn't mind. 

And then it was off to meet the goats.  Bella was up first.

Thistle wanted some lap time too.

Meanwhile, Brett and Bella were playing their favorite game: king (queen) of the mountain.

It was a very successful visit.  


  1. Goregeous animals =) i bet they really loved meeting them all. cool blog

  2. Outstanding pictures Annette. You have some gorgeous critters out there!

  3. Oh my goodness, the one of Brett and the goat is hilarious!! Sounds like a really nice visit. It's so sweet of you to bake Brett cookies before you leave. I hope you have a really fun and safe trip.

  4. Wonderful photos! I just love showing people around the farm. Thanks for showing us around yours. Such a fun place.

  5. What a nice visit. Rose looks like a nice Cowgirl. Those goats seem to really love Brett.

    Have you decided yet if you're going to dehorn them? I went back and forth on that decision, but ultimately decided not to.

    Have fun in France. I know what you mean about leaving for two weeks...not easy.

  6. Eek I think you said they are Pygmy goats right? If not the queen of the mountain game is going to hurt when she's full grown! Very adorable picture. :D

    That's one of the things I love about having a farm is letting people visit with the animals that don't normally get to spend time with animals.


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