Monday, December 20, 2010

Update on Flash

Brett just called me from the equine hospital.  Flash suffered some sort of trauma to his jaw, causing soft tissue damage.  There was some grit inside the wound but no piece of tooth or wood or anything that would give us a clue on how he got injured.  Silly horses! 

It's pouring rain still.  We got just under 3 inches yesterday and it hasn't let up at all.  Brett said it was hard pulling the trailer out with all the mud.  And the drive down the mountain was pretty hairy -- mud flows and rocks across the highway.  I think he will park the trailer on the gravel driveway when he gets home and leave it there until the rain stops.  The trailer parking area is gravel and the driveway is gravel, but the area between the two is dirt ...errr, mud. 


  1. Horses seem to pick the most inconvenient / expensive / dangerous times to injure themselves don't they?

    Wishing Flash a speedy recovery and happy holidays to you!

  2. Hope that Flash's recovery is quick and uneventful. That's a lot of rain...and careful!


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