Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kersey Strikes Again

We woke up to heavy fog and drizzle this morning.  Sometimes living at the top of a mountain range means you are above the clouds and have sunny weather when those below don't.  Other times it means we are sitting smack in the middle of the clouds.  That's us today.  There is rain coming in tonight and it's expected to last through the weekend so Brett and I headed to the barn to ride.  I can't say the idea of riding excited us - it was much cozier in the house by the fire - but we wanted to work the horses before the rain hits.
But, there was a problem.  Brett couldn't find Flash's body brush.  Brett rinses the brush every time he uses it and then leaves it on the stump by the wash racks to dry.  It was gone.  Gone, gone, gone.  We knew who took it -- Kersey, our 4 month old yellow lab - has stolen body brushes before.  If you forget and leave the tack room door ajar, she will sneak in and grab one out of the nearest tack box.  Then she runs around completely and willfully forgetting the command "come" or "drop it."  I'm not sure if it is the smell or the taste, but she loves a body brush.  And you can't get angry at a face like this:
We did find the brush, laying in the dirt, next to the arena.  Poor Brett, he loves more than any of us to keep his stuff clean.  I think she must know that.  She seems to always take his.  Don't tell.... I think it's funny.


  1. Funny--I have a puppy, too, which is usually the culprit.

  2. Naughty but CUTE!! My dogs are obsessed with the smell of the "big dog" too :)

  3. Oh he is just TOO cute! I want to reach into the screen and hug him.
    We have three dogs - two labs and a small mix who found us and stayed. They're all adorable, but there's just something about a lab puppy... :)


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