Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring, -- and It's Lunchtime

I decided to take my camera with me down to the barn to feed lunch...

Jackson wasn't in his nice dry stall.  He was hanging out in the pasture with Kalvin.  They were both very wet.

Sedona was in her doghouse so I couldn't get a picture of her but Kersey was out playing in the rain with Jackson's torn fleece sheet:
Flash was staying nice and dry in his stall.  He was a very good boy this morning when I flushed his wound with saline.  I had expected him to be difficult but he was an angel.  I showed him the syringe with the saline and explained what I was going to do.  He stood quietly through the whole thing.  I love how horses understand when you are helping them.  So, he was good for the saline rinse but he saw me coming with the camera and hightailed it outside into his turnout.  Silly boy -  You can see his distrust of the camera in this picture.

The donkeys, Tuffy & Finessa, just wanted me to get on with the business of giving them lunch.
I woke up Passage when I went into the feed room.  She was snoozing on her bed of old horse pads.

When I started getting the hay out, Jackson came back into the barn.  He loves hay more than just about anything. 

I checked on the bunnies on my way back to the house. One of the girls and Rocky were in the hutch.  The other girl (Sage? Basil? I can't tell them apart anymore) was on the hutch roof.  I think they are monkey rabbits...
Other than the one tree that fell, the property is holding up well.  You can see that the arena is under water at one end in this picture, but it could be a lot worse.  And it is pretty...  I love the sound of the rain and how fresh everything smells.
Time to go back in the house.  There is a nice deep puddle by the door.  It's perfect for rinsing the mud off of my wellies.
Then I put my gloves by the wood stove to dry, threw on some more wood, and went to look for my lunch.  Christmas cookies?  Toffee?  More coffee? 
Wishing everyone a warm, dry, peaceful day.


  1. looks like flash misses his dad. no photos of the fish or chickens?

  2. What a pretty area where you board. I have found the same thing, they really seem to know when you're helping them. I have a filly who is 5 now, but when I first purchased her, she kicked another of our horses through metal bars and got her back legs caught. She tore open the inside back leg really deep. At that time, I HATED working on back legs. A friend of mine got kicked in the face while cleaning out the back hooves, and I just couldn't get that out of my mind. But, you know, I had to do it. It to be changed out every day. To my surprise, she was the calmest thing ever. I got to the point where I sat under her as I adjusted all the layers of wraps--I trusted her so thoroughly. The experience got me over my fear of being kicked.

  3. I love all your critters...that's a lot of rain.

  4. I just read one of your last posts, and apparently that's your own arena? Very nice!

  5. Yes, Brett built me an awesome arena. I'm a lucky girl!

  6. What a wonderful group of four legged friends you have there. I can tell there are a few rascals thrown into the mix, for good measure. Sorry to hear you're getting pelted with the wet stuff too. It's very dreary and un-Christmas-like here today.


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