Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jackson Makes a Statement

We didn't get any snow but boy was it freezing this morning -  21 which is brrrr cold for us.  There was ice everywhere, the pipes in the barn were frozen, etc.  The frost was beautiful though.  With all the moisture that moved through yesterday there was lots of water around to freeze.

Jackson had made a mess of his stall.  He normally keeps it clean and poops in his turnout.  We brought the horses into the barn last night due to the rain/snow in the forecast.  Jackson will stand in the rain with Kalvin, even during cold storms, if his gate is open to the pasture.  Otherwise, he stays in his stall and won't go out into his run-out to poop in the rain.  When it isn't raining, he keeps his stall spotless.  Go figure.  We closed the gates last night so this morning I was mucking out the royal mess he made of his stall.  He was busy eating his morning bucket.  I asked him to move over by gently poking him on his flank.  He knows the cue.  But instead of moving over, he pinned his ears and crow hopped.  It took me a minute to realize that he thought I was going to take off his warm blanket - since the poke was in the same general area as the back buckle.  Silly boy!  He LOVES his blanket.  Last spring I had to take it off early one morning before going to work since I knew it was going to be a nice day -- cold morning, warm day -- and I didn't want him sweating all afternoon until I got home.  So, it was still chilly when I took it off.  While I was undoing the last buckle, he pinned his ears, whipped his head around and BIT ME!!  Of course I understand his obsession with warmth.  I'm here on the couch with a fleecy sweatshirt, Uggs and an afghan.

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  1. LOL your post makes me laugh. My Appaloosa Dan is exactly the same. He gets sooo cranky if he doesn't get his blanket on in the cold weather, and immediately becomes sweet once it's on him. Our draft cross mare Savanah is the opposite - she gets really cranky and threatens to bite if you try to put a blanket ON her (and she's normally the best behaved horse in the world). And, no kidding, the warmblood (a mix of both hot and cold blood genes)Rogo doesn't care either way :)


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