Monday, December 6, 2010

Jackson aka Houdini

Last night we had rain and this morning was still overcast with the forecast calling for possible morning showers and patchy sun in the afternoon.  It was supposed to stay relatively cool all day - in the low 50s.  Both Brett and I had leave early for work this morning.  I made up their vitamin buckets last night and Brett got up at 4:30 this morning to feed.  I asked him to take off Jackson's outer waterproof shell and just leave on the fleece liner.  I really love this fleece liner.  I got it about a week ago to alternate with a cotton one when the nights are cold but above freezing.  It's royal blue with a belly wrap: the fleece wraps around his belly and then attaches with velcro straps up and across his back.  No belly drafts!  And the color looks really sharp against his grey coat.  Brett, being the sweet husband that he is, did all the feeding this am so I could sleep until 5:30 and just roll out of bed and into my work clothes and out the door.  I am not at all functional in the mornings.  I don't talk, I don't walk very well, and I don't think.  This is one of the reasons I am addicted to coffee.  Its probably also why it is good Brett did the early chores.  Who knows what I'd do -- feed the horses chicken feed or something.

When I got home tonight (left in the dark and got back home well after dark - I hate Mondays), Brett told me that when he got home and went down to feed in the late afternoon he found Jackson without his liner.  It was all wadded up in the mud in his turnout.  And it didn't look like he had undone any of it.  Brett didn't have time to check it for tears so I'll dig it out of the horse laundry in the morning and see if I can figure out how he escaped.  sigh.  I just hope it isn't ripped.  One whole week of use.  Heavy sigh.


  1. Brett sounds like a very nice husband :)
    Too bad about the blanket. Hope it isn't ruined.

  2. Baythoven use to do that too. Not so much anymore. He'd much rather go without a blanket at all. I usually only put on a lightweight waterproof (we are in Oregon) one and most times that is all they ever need. Once in awhile the midweight has to come out but that's severe weather for us. If it werent' for the rain I wouldn't use even the lightweight one unless it dropped below freezing. Hope your blanket isn't messed up. That can get expensive!

  3. The blanket is, unfortunately, ruined. It has a couple huge tears. Jackson didn't do a Houdini stunt, he just ripped it off. We wouldn't need blankets here much either except that I do clip (trace clip) Jackson so he can work comfortably in the winter. He also hates being cold. If I try to take off his rain sheet/liner combo before its up to 40 degrees, he pins his ears and glares at me. He nipped me once even. So, I got the message loud and clear. I use his medium weight blanket when it gets into the mid 20s and/or snows. I gave the fleece liner to the dogs. They're loving it.


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