Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Training Log: Schooling & Hacking Out

Yesterday, I schooled Jackson in the arena after a 10 minute warm up on the bridle paths.  We worked our way through everything identified in my last lesson.  Jackson only tensed up twice and using turns on the forehand worked well both times.  In fact, the second time we were at trot when he started hoping for canter and got high-headed.  I brought him to halt and as soon as I put my leg on for the turn on the f/h, he went "Oh.  Oops." and gave immediately.  He bent nicely in the corners without losing impulsion and we were straight coming out.  I noticed that my boot zipper only comes down on the right boot and it only happens with canter work.  I'm sure this is because he is unbalanced on the right lead canter so it requires pretty strong leg support from me.  This is no excuse for the zipper coming down, of course.  I should be able to give a strong steady aid with my leg rolled on correctly.  I read an article in Dressage Today a long time ago by Courtney King-Dye (before her accident) and she said that she picks a letter in the arena and every time she passes it, she checks in with her leg position.  I'm trying to do the same.  I check my leg at F for Fail.  Hopefully someday it will be F for Fantastic. 

Today, Brett and I were going to work in the arena together but when we started down the back driveway it was just too beautiful to think about arena work.
So, we rode around our community on the bridle paths for about an hour.  The horses were happy, the sun was warm, and the sunlight danced in the cottonwoods.  I had Jackson work on keeping his back up while marching forward into the contact but I don't think he realized he was working.  When we got back, I washed Jackson's tail and we turned them out for lunch.

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  1. Great idea about checking in at "F" on leg position. Think I'll borrow it from you!


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