Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Note to Self

Do not collect eggs on the way to the barn and leave them in the pocket of your jacket while you do chores.  Upon returning to the house, you will have scrambled eggs in your pocket.  And you will have to do another load of laundry so you can wear your jacket in the morning.  sigh


  1. I have done that! It's a horrible mess. I still sometimes find bits of eggshell in my pockets...

    I've taken to setting the eggs in a safe place in the feedroom. Then I forget them there. Luckily, home grown chicken eggs don't seem to go bad as quickly as store bought.

  2. another bit of advice---don't try and lift the lid of the dumpster with a handful of eggs.

  3. You are hilarious....I am living the ranch iife through you....keep posting...sandy


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