Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Storm Coming

Just when things had almost dried out enough for me to switch from muck boots to tennies, another storm is due.  When I mucked this morning the only gooshy sloppy spots were in Jackson's turnout and Kalvin's paddock.  Kalvin doesn't help matters.  He pees right by the gate so it's a wet trampled mess there.  I can't even get the cart through.  Then when I manage to rake a pile of manure, before I can pick it up he comes and stands on top of it.  He breathes on my face and begs for kisses.  It takes forever to muck his area because I, for one, can't resist kissing his velvet nose.

This next storm is our first cold one.  The heavy storms we've had so far have been what we call a Pineapple Express.  They are subtropical, from the Pacific, with lots of moisture but not cold.  The one arriving tonight is coming in from Canada or Alaska.  We actually have snow in the forecast although it isn't clear whether the temperature will drop low enough before the rain stops.  Camille is up here "just in case."  Kyle figured a 40% chance of snow wasn't good enough odds to come up.  These college kids - living their own lives.  The nerve!


  1. We have been dry as could be in the central states, with all the moisture on either coast, it seems. It seems it's one extreme or the other this year, which makes it difficult on the horses and us, their caregivers, all over!

  2. The horses here think kisses are part of cleaning up after them as well. Hard to resist that's for sure.

    We had snow this morning but I swear it came down lumpy. The ground was so warm it didn't form a smooth blanket instead it's melting as it touches down. There's just so much of it that it added up to about a three inch lumpy bumpy cover.


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