Friday, December 3, 2010

Training Log: Schooling

We are having friends over for dinner tonight so I've been chained to the kitchen.  I only had time for a short ride between working on the main dish and the sides.  Sometimes, the short rides are the most effective.  If my time is limited I am more focused - especially when I have a lesson scheduled for the next day.  I was much better at riding every stride and catching Jackson in the moment when he started to drop his back, or lose his bend, or lose impulsion.  I wasn't as stellar at keeping an eye on myself.  I have a tendency to grip with my knees when we canter and I don't keep my thighs rolled on - I'd prefer to toe out like a western gal.  I did manage to keep my elbows in during the canter transitions.  I'm part chicken.  My elbows want to flap around like chicken wings in the depart.  So, I was good with that today but when I finished my tall boots were half way unzipped.  That's a sure sign I wasn't rolled on correctly and I was gripping.  Rats!  One of my goals is to finish a schooling session and have the zipper all the way up still.  Jackson was much better with the ice boots.  I put them on him as soon as we got to the tie rail.  So he wore them while I took off his tack and groomed him and gave him his apple.  He didn't try to kick them off this time -- he just stood with his back legs spread.  It looked like the dressage police had come up behind him and said "Spread 'em!"  After five minutes he got up the courage to put his legs back together.  I must say he is the most entertaining horse I've ever had!


  1. Thanks for following me! Really enjoyed finding your blog.
    Your ride could have been one of mine - toes out, part chicken,... :) although I think I'm getting the elbows under control.
    Probably a stupid question, but why would your boots stay zippered if you had your legs on correctly?

  2. Yeah, when I keep my leg on correctly the zipper stays up. The zipper is on the back of the boot so if that is rubbing against Jackson it means I'm toeing out big time. I've managed to keep the zipper up... once or twice. But, hey, that's a start right?

  3. Apparently where the wear is on your boots can tell tales on your leg position too... more permanent than a zipper lol. If the wear in on the back of the boot you're toeing out. Guess that's how zippers come undone as well :) I find this usually also means my hips aren't open.

    We're struggling with the same issues. Looking forward to keeping up with your progress. Thanks for following!


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