Thursday, December 23, 2010

...and when she got there, the larder was bare...

Camille had a couple of friends up to visit.  They arrived Tuesday as the storm hit and I took them back home today.  The highway down the mountain was closed in both directions yesterday so I teased them that they might have to spend Christmas here.  Luckily, the highway opened to residents on the desert side this morning so I was able to take them home.  They had a good time here, despite the weather.  Yesterday, they put Kersey on a leash and set forth in the rain.  The storm came in while they were out walking and I worried a bit when the hail started.  They made it home safe, sopping wet, laughing and ready for hot cocoa.  Unfortunately, we were completely out of milk (and cream and bread) so they had to make do with coffee.  I guess I wasn't very well prepared for the road closure.  I  bought a huge jug of milk today and enough bread to feed an army.  I'm ready for the next storm.  It's supposed to hit on Wednesday.  Sunshine tomorrow and Christmas Day - yes!!  I'll have to dash down to the barn between Christmas dinner prep and sneak in a ride. 

I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas!  Eat, drink, be merry and kiss your horse-- and whoever it is that makes your soul sing.


  1. "whoever makes your soul sing"...I like that a lot!
    Such crazy weather out there! Enjoy the next sunny days and have a great Christmas!


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