Friday, August 2, 2013

Water Works

We did not finish the deal today on the house but we are close, very close.  Monday we will hopefully be done.  In the meantime, work continues.  Brett has been mowing like mad and the property looks so much better.  I love that I can walk around without getting a million stickers in my socks.

And today the plumbers came to fix the barn pipes so we have water.  Yes!  They also repaired a few faucets.  They tried to turn the water off at the house but the valve was frozen so they turned the water off at the well and replaced the shut off valve at the house.  When they turned the water back on, water shot up in the big pasture.  There was a line out there with the faucet broken off.  Who knew?!  So, they fixed that too.  There are water lines to a couple of the pastures so we are very happy campers.

The plumbers left a tall ladder in one of the stalls.  Passage immediately climbed up, rung by rung, to the very top and then explored.  She was happy camper number two.

  Brett told me that Jackson and Mufasa were racing around the pasture, bucking and prancing, this afternoon.  Jackson even attempted some airs above ground (picture those war horses in old paintings, off the ground with front and back legs kicking out at the same time).  When I refilled their pasture water, Jackson was first to investigate.  I think he must have worked up a powerful thirst being Mr. Rambunctious.
Jackson: Whats with the water shooting out at me?  Is it safe?

I think I can squeeze my nose under here and get a drink without getting water up my nose.
Well water is outta this world.  slurp

Then, of course, Winston had to push his way in and demonstrate the correct way of drinking out of a hose.

Show off.


  1. I'm so glad this is working out...finally! Can't wait to see the after pictures of the mowing. Having water has to make such a difference. When do you think you will move in?

  2. Phew I saw waterworks and thought you were in tears.
    Here's to Monday.

  3. that's fabulous news about the water and the closing.

    love the photos of Winston and Jackson drinking!

  4. SO glad jackson is feeling so good!!! and yay for water at the barn! (wish i had it - have to run a hose from the house). and 'come monday, it'll be alright. come monday, i'll be holding you tight' (that would be the keys to your home!)

  5. Oh I am so excited for you it has been a long road everyone looks happy:) Ladders yes I know a lot about ladders I won't show My Hero this one:) B

  6. Go Jackson!! So glad the plumber came and found everything he did. Hope the cost is still split. Your patience will very soon be rewarded.

  7. Sounds good. Love the pics of the boys drinking. Jackson must be feeling pretty good for all those antics.

  8. The tricky title worried me too. ;D

    Glad everyone's feeling better, especially dear Jackson and Mr. Smarty Pants Winston.

    Just a little more patience...


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