Monday, August 26, 2013


Our home at Aspen Meadows was very large and that was great while the kids were still at home.  But we are empty nesters now and we don't need a humongous house.  The house at Oak Creek Ranch is smaller, cozy, warm and welcoming.  It's also 30 years old so it has issues that our "brand new, built it ourselves" Aspen Meadows did not have.  But I love it.  I love the creaky wood floors, the way the bedrooms upstairs all open onto the landing, and the snug-as-a-bug great room.  The one thing that is difficult is space.  I have a gazillion books; being a literature major and an all around reading fanatic.  Boxes and boxes of books with nowhere to put them.  I'm also a kitchen gadget queen struggling to fit my boxes of spatulas into small shallow drawers.

We've filled quite a few boxes for Goodwill.  And Brett's been working on our store room.

The left hand side of the barn aisle has four stalls with run-outs.  We have four horses.  Perfect.

On the right is a large foaling stall.

We won't ever use it for the horses so Brett had the stall mats hauled out and the floor scrubbed clean.  Today he bought wood and built pallets so our boxes can be stored up off of the ground.  He built all of these pallets...

...and also built these pallets for storing hay.  We've been buying a blend of mostly orchard grass hay with a small percentage of alfalfa.  The horses are loving it.

The goats seem to be enjoying their new digs.  They were hanging out in the corner, chewing their cud, when I went out to top off their water.  They couldn't even be bothered to come over and say hi.  Goat snobs.


  1. Lots of scoop and good info this morning. Love the barn and seeing the goaties...sounds like you are already attached to your new home. How about turning a stall into your "library." Ha ha. Brett did a fantastic job with those pallets!

  2. brett is a handy man and a very hard worker! sheesh!

  3. Little by little you're getting the whole place organized. I always have trouble with storage of books too. I can see floor to ceiling built in book shelves in your future. Maybe in one of te guest bedrooms? Good luck.

  4. I've always enjoyed the process of moving into a new home and finding that perfect spot for everything. You're creative, I'm certain you'll find space. Fun!

  5. I know what you are going through. I am so glad I have a huge shop for storage. I like how you describe the inside of your house.


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