Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hot and Smokey

There is a huge fire burning in the steep terrain of the Sierra Nevada mountains north of us. It isn't close to us (it is closer to Dream Valley Ranch), but it is large and very, very smokey. That, combined with temperatures in the 90s, has kept us inside today. I'm busy unpacking boxes, taking down the mini-blinds hanging half on and half off of the windows, and cleaning. Brett's painting his closet. This morning he hung the guest room curtain rod and then I got to work. The bathtub tile in the bathroom is baby blue and my first reaction was "ghastly." But, I bought a shower curtain that picks up the color and then added towels in deeper blue and sink accessories in yellow. Summery sheer curtains on the window and the guest bathroom is ready. Our first finished room!

The other day I was out by the goats and Winston came over to make sure he wasn't missing out on something interesting.

He hung his head over the fence, disturbing the wire, and wasps buzzed out from under one of the stake covers. Winston jumped backwards and frantically rubbed his head on his front legs.  Next, he took it out on Jackson.

Then he hightailed it over to the water trough and dunked his head. He swished his face around with such force that water was flying everywhere. By the time I got my camera out and down to the trough, he had settled down a bit. Here he is demonstrating the swish.


  1. Did you notice in the video how Flash was concerned and came over to check out Winston's nose?

  2. Bathroom looks good. Poor Winston...ouch!

  3. Darn video didn't work. Smart horse for sure!


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