Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oh, Sedona

There is a huge fire burning in the Yosemite area.  Yesterday, it entered the park.  We have been living under smokey skies for the past few days.  This morning when I woke up, I smelled smoke before I opened my eyes.  We fed in a smoke filled dawn.

Our Saturday morning routine is to feed, have breakfast at the Firehouse Café, and then hit the Farmers Market in Placerville.  Brett fed the horses while I picked manure from the pastures.  At Aspen Meadows, the paddock was dry lot so it was "mucking" -- just swoop and scoop.  I love that our large pastures have grass (even if it is dead), but that means you have to pick the poop up carefully so the tines of the muck rake don't snag and break on the grass.  It's a whole new skill I'm learning. 

When I finished, I called the dogs.  Nothing.  Last I had seen them, they were headed out to the back of the property by the dressage court.  Sedona forgot all about being old and had gone exploring.  Brett and I climbed into the car and went looking up the dirt lane behind our property.  

Brett drove slowly while I scanned the deep grass, the driveways, and under the oak trees.  I spotted them at Marv's house, sniffing around his front yard.  I put their leashes on and walked them home.  On the way, another car came down the lane.  The driver had his elbow hung out the window and a baseball cap over his head.  He sported a ponytail, a workshirt and a friendly smile.  He informed me that the dogs had been on his patio in the middle of the night and had been swimming in his wading pool early this morning.  So, that is why Sedona has been so tired!

While I was worrying about her health, she was spending her nights on the lam.  Brett found the spot where they went under the fence and set up a barrier.  Hopefully, they stay home in the future.

Sure thing, mom.  Sure thing.


  1. oh, the roamers!!! naughty! at least the neighbors are learning who they belong to... :)

  2. Oddly I can picture the escape easily. Finishing out dog fence at the new place. Sitting on the patio this afternoon, I spot Promise boot scooting along on the outside of the fence!!!

  3. Such naughty dogs...but so clever. Love the new header shot...can't get over that round pen. How many stalls are in the barn? That smoke must be terrible for all of sorry. Are you still unpacking boxes?

  4. ha! that's so funny. It seems that Sedona and Irish have a lot in common.

  5. But they look so innocent! Hope the fire is contained soon.

  6. Praying for you to be safe from the fires... and the dogs to be safe from trouble. Dogs roaming here in our countryside mean bad trouble.

  7. Wow, look at all that smoke. Hope they get the fires out soon, that looks like it's pretty close!

    Funny about your dogs exploring. At least it's not old age, what a relief huh?

  8. Awful about the fire, I'd read about it earlier.
    Naughty doggies, you need to get them a paddling pool!

  9. LOL

    "Dammit, why cant you ACT sick???"

    I can so relate! So glad it sounds like the neighbor thought it was funny, and was not angry- those are keeper neighbors :)

    So are you going to get them their own wading pool and patio now?


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